Production – WOW!

After many, many weeks of hard work our grade 5/6 production is finally over!

Last week the students performed in three fantastic shows, and the feedback from the audience has been absolutely outstanding. I was so impressed that each and every member of our class got up on stage and performed every night, and were so confident when doing so. I was so proud to see the smiles on everyone’s faces and the enjoyment they got from performing. Check out some of the photos in this video.

It is important to note that the production was written and run by the students. It was the students who researched the history as a basis for the acts. It was the students who wrote the scripts. It was the students who rehearsed. It was the students who operated the sound and lighting equipment. The production provided so many authentic and valuable learning opportunities for the students and they have all taken a lot away from the experience.

Below is a copy of a matrix we filled in as a class, highlighting just some of the learning that occurred while putting together the production. You would have to agree that this is a lot of learning all rolled in to one experience.

matrixDo you have any feedback for us about the production? Did you enjoy it? Why not leave us a comment!

11 thoughts on “Production – WOW!

  1. Hey everyone,
    Wow, it seems like all of you had a lot of work to do!
    I bet you really enjoyed it!
    I wish I was there to share the fun!
    Hope you are still having fun and looking forward to the excursion!
    If you are wondering where I am, I’m in sri lanka for my aunty’s wedding which was just yesterday (19th of September) It was really fun!


  2. We visited your blog and found your production it was awe some we also have a production video called yellow submarine write if you would like to se it,your free to!!!

  3. WOW That Looked really fun
    You Guys are probably getting tired of me saying this but its a shame I wasn’t there with you guys the theater looks FANTASTIC
    Hello to everyone at the school and especially in 5/6C


    Ex Team Captain
    For those who dont know me or remember me in Deon

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