Zak’s scared side

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Oh my gosh my first ever Production im terrified and nervous it feels like im going to do a massive speech in front of millions of people.
What if they don’t like it what happens if they give me bad comments. What do i do when im out there talking in front of a big audience. while im looking around worrying i can see people running around screaming and banging making heaps of destruction.
I walk over to grab something to eat i pick up a biscuit and put it in my mouth it tastes sweet and nice. I quickly run back to behind the curtains waiting to start feeling scared and nervous. As im waiting i can smell all sorts of stuff like food and drinks. (3 minutes later) its time for me to go on.

Guilty, yet hungry. By Zenia, 5/6C.

As I entered the room, which was decorated in colourful streamers and balloons, I smiled at the birthday girl, who was striding over to me in her tall party hat. Her name was Victoriah, and she was one of my best friends! I could hear music booming from an awesome stereo, and I could see people dancing to the songs. I felt like dancing to, but I stayed put to hug and wish the birthday girl.

My eyes wandered around the room as I handed Victoriah her present and I saw some girls from school happily dipping scarlet strawberries into what looked like warm, flowing chocolate fudge. My tummy rumbled and I could suddenly smell all the food in the room; there was packets and packets of Salt and Vinegar chips, Pascal Swirls, chocolate cookies, fruits and orange cordial. Victoriah had clearly heard my tummy rumbling, because she chuckled and said, “You can start eating now if you like! We’re still waiting-“. She was cut off by the loud sound of a dozen party poppers being popped, and in the next second we were both covered in streamers!

The doorbell rang, and Victoriah left to check who had arrived. I thought I might as well help myself to some chips and cordial, so I dodged balloons, streamers and people to get to the glorious table piled with food. There were more things than I had smelt; party pies, biscuits and more than enough soft drinks! Then I saw the cake. The glorious, mouth-watering cake! Shaped as a beautiful, pink rose, and as big as a steering wheel. I couldn’t take my eyes off it. I imagined what it tasted like…melting in my mouth. I stepped forwards, felt my foot get caught in a wire, and I tripped. The music, which had been still booming away, suddenly stopped. Everything seemed to go extra slow…I fell onto the food table, crushing chips and cookies. And the cake. I had destroyed the cake. The beautiful cake.

I heard a scream, and I felt a dozen pair of eyes burning into my back. I lay there, guilty…and still hungry.

A Production Always has Torture.

As soon as I steped onto the stage I could just feel thoughs nerves bubbling inside me and as I bubbled there I could feel that sickness OH NO I think i’m  going to puke. That sound of the audience filling the thearte, who knows what torture is going to be next, me mucking up the intro, me slipping off the stage. Here goes nothing. Quick sing in time and in tune but as fast as it will go so it can finish. Finally its all over and finished. OHNO any more torture. The school scene and I have to wear a long skirt, What happens if I trip over in it while walking and break something. BREAK something once again just more torture for me. OK I got to stay composed. Maybe the school scene isn’t that badI just want this production to end so FINALLY I can get some sleep and not be so tired. OH will this torture ever end?

You will always have torture in a production and aspecially NERVES!

Created and written by Caitlin

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Chevrolet’s Birthday Narrative

321 ding ding ding goes my alarm clock.Today it’s my birthday.As I slowly wake,gradually I strolled outside for a bit of fresh air.I see nothing but surprises.SURPRISE!Wow.e to run speedly toward my dream wanting cake, the shape of a high heel.As I sit down in my glamorous birthday chair I look around and hear loud friends and family beginning to chant my name.Huh, I thought.Usually I’d hear them singing happy birthday to me,but oh how ridiculously wrong I was.I glanced at my annoying dumb brother as he comes up to and fully grabs hold of my precious head and quickly pushes it into my moth watering cake.What a waste.Just wait for your birthday freak.It’ll be even worse.

WOW Production


Production 013 (Large)

This is a photo of Me, Tai and Lara



I was so nervous I had to do a production with 220 people are watching this production. I had butterfly’s, I was so nervous, what were people thinks about it at this point was it bad or was it the best production in the world. Did I muck up every act. As I walked on stage for the opening number I smelt the heat from the lights was that a bad thing . Also I was touching other peoples clothes as people were poshing me into other people. As the Opening act started I could see the bright lights shinning onto the stage. When the Opening act started we had to make our way backstage to get out props for number 49. When act 50 finished and there was a black out we had to put 21 chairs on stage in the time that Bert Newton ( Kelly or Amber) were talking about the scene. All of a sudden the lights came on and we where ready to go chairs where set and we where in out seats. When we started I could smell the food being eaten in the audiencethe food smelt YUMMY



Written by Olivia

Children Should Be Seen And Not Heard by Amber 5/6c

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The air shifted into a humid and thick wind, I could feel the sweat start to form on my forehead. At that moment I thought of how it took the 5/6s one month and one week to put this production together and how it was almost over.

 Moments ago the call the teachers made suggested that my class and I should head the stage to preform our school scene act. So, me and the girl classmates put on our costumes –soon the boys joined us- and headed toward are destination. I couldn’t help but feel the nausea in my stomach to grow and add a drop of sickness to my feelings.

 So there I was, the main character of our skit and ready to take on the role as the teacher. Deep breaths Amber I thought to myself, stressing only going to make it worse. When the moment came, I felt the butterflies nibble at my stomach as I came onto the stage. 220 people stranded before me, but I didn’t look at them once, only focusing on what was supposed to have my undivided attention. Then in a blur, I finished. Feeling the weight bound to my shoulders realise, I relaxed a little. I did well. But there was one problem, I had another twelve mini introductions to go. Just perfect.

Lukes nervous night at the pruduction!

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I’m so nervous I hope  I don’t stuff up my lines when I’m talking on stage in front of a big packed audience staring at me. Ohh  no now I have to go on stage with this stupid captain hat on that doesn’t even fit my head and that it would only fit a 2 year old. YES I’m so happy now that I have finished this act without stuffing up my lines but Ijust remembered that my parents are coming tomorrow night to watch me so I hope I won’t stuff up my lines.Now I have to go back to the change rooms to get changed into my finale costume. Now that all the acts have finished we all have to go back to the theater for the finale with the song party rock anthem every day I’m shufflin.


Jesse’s awesome words of destruction

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It’s the first day of Production. I am so nervous about my first act. I am excited. I is my first production. I hope I don’t stuff up. I really want this to be good. Oh no. Our act is next. Hopefully it won’t be as bad as I think it will be.Some people around me look excited and some look nervous. I am shaking. I think once our act is finished I won’t be as nervous. As I here the other act going on I’m thinking about what it will be like up on stage in front of everyone. I see the lights slowly going to blackout as I realise it is our act.

Sarah’s fantastic expirence

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It’s the first production today, and I have already been on stage for the opening number, the school and even Tipperary. But now we are up to the Wright brother Transport factory. I am meant trow era green flowered pants and a white shirt but I accidentally got into my black pants and black vest, so I changed back. When I got onto the stage we forgot to get the banana from Kelly, so we had to do without it.
As soon as we got onto the stage to set up what we needed for the production, Kelly was starting her Bert lines, and it was really hard to set up, because of where we were, it was pitch black, as black as cowl. When the lights came back on us the spotlight was really light and I mean really light. After I said my Transport lines we all went over to the corner non the stage, but we were playing with the pipes. I think we were trying to build a steering weal. But that’s just my perspective.

The superb Party

The superb party!

The huge cake was right in front of my sister Divnoor and her presents were all around her. My brother said to Divnoor that what is your heart saying to you now, she answered that I’m feeling like my Birthday Party is going to be that best party ever.

The cake smelt great. And tasted great too. The ingredient were Icing Cream, Choco chips , Chocolate flavour and a lot of things more.