Lara and Caitlin’s music and dance prezi!

This is a prezi about music and dance. We enjoyed making this because we learnt something new stuff. If you like this topic this might be a awesome prezi to watch we hope you learnt something as well. The things we learnt were what kind of dance styles were popular and where they origanated from or when they origanted. We also learnt different types of music styles. We hope you enjoy our prezi.


Luke’s and Tai’s Prezi on Baseball

Our inqiury topic we are doing on Prezi is Baseball in the 1900’s to the 1920’s. Me and Tai have been working really hard on this for over 4 weeks and we have put a lot of effort into our information on our prezi. We hope you will enjoy our Baseball presentation by Luke and Tai.

Kelly and Amber’s Art Styles of the 1900-10 Prezi

Our prezi is all about the styles of art in the 1900-1910. We focused on four different styles. They are Expressionism, Cubism, Fauvism and Futurism. All are special in their own way and have changed the way we look upon art. We have discovered and learnt some of the effects of these styles and also what they are. We had fun in the progress of completing our Prezi and we really have enjoyed working together as a team. We have also enjoyed finding facts and information about our topic. While reserching about this topic we have learnt a lot of different ways to use Prezi and to make an awesome presentation. All and all we have enjoyed this and can`t wait for what gets thrown at us next. We hope you enjoy watching our Prezi!