Shaun’s inquiry communications

This prizi is a topic about communications and mainly talks mainly about what people used in those times to communicate. I really did not realy did not have so much fun doing prizi but tell yuo you should try prezi out and tell me feed back of how it is.

One thought on “Shaun’s inquiry communications

  1. Hello Shaun,
    I LIKED your prezi, partly because it was one of the only ones that actually WORKED when I clicked Autoplay! It would help if there waas a way to give me more time to read the longer sections because it moved too quickly for me. The short ones were fine. I am going to have my Gr.7 students try making Prezi’s, so I wanted to see how you kids did it. Any suggestions? Why didn’t you like doing it? I could give you spelling and math instead???
    @beachcat11 in Canada

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