City Building – Maths

Last week in Maths we focused on revising what we have learnt about shape, location and measurement. In order to do this, we worked in groups with 56D to build cities showcasing our maths knowledge.

You can check out the requirements of our cities here. Below are photos of us working on our cities and the finished products. As a part of the task, we also had to create a Powerpoint highlighting the maths used in building our city. You can watch these Powerpoints below.

Leave a comment and let us know what you thought of our city constructions!

19 thoughts on “City Building – Maths

  1. WOW,
    That looks really fun, its a shame im not there..
    Hi Everyone
    I dont know how to say this but I start high School in two weeks because im in england

    PS for those who dont remember i used to be vice team captain


    • Thanks for visiting us again Deon; of course we remember who you are! What is it like over there in England? Is it as cold as the weather we are having at the moment?

      High school, how exciting! Do you get to learn any different subjects over there?


      Mr Mills

    • Hi Deon it’s Josh hows england and how do u feel about starting highschool.

      From Josh

    • @ Deon

      Hey Deon it’s Lara,
      Why are you starting highschool in two weeks time and are you happy to be back in England?
      ps: do you still think you are Tai’s lost long brother that lives at macas?

      Love Lara the awesome!

    • Hi Deon,

      It’s really good to hear from you again. We had lots of fun doing the building.

      How are you? I really hope you enjoy your new High School. I can’t believe in England you get to start before us! Have you met any new friend that are going to the same high school as you? We wish we could see you but i hope you have enjoyed your time in England so far.

      Till Next Time,

      P.S We still remember you! Do you remember me. The Rajahs vice captian? πŸ™‚

    • @Deon!

      It WAS fun…to destroy the cities. ;O
      Have fun in high school, and tell us what it’s like, though it might be different from high schools over here!
      Is it weird having people with English accents all around you? I’d love that! Oh wait- do YOU have the accent yet?

      We do remember you! We’re not THAT forgetful
      Anywho, we’ll talk to you later, and have fun in high school!


  2. @deon i really can’t believe you r at high school BECAUSE ONLY NEXT YEAR I WILL BE AT HIGH SCHOOL.
    What are you learning over in England?

    And by the way do you remember me ? I hope you say yes okay goodbye for now.

  3. @ Deon
    Hey, How’re you over there?
    I cant believe you are actually starting high school!
    Are you excited or scared about it?
    I’m terrified and I still have a term to go!!
    Of course we remember you! It should be very difficult to forget you!

    Best of Regards
    Malinthi πŸ™‚

  4. @Deon,

    That’s so awesome that you get to go to high school early, hope you have fun! Yea, it was a shame that you weren’t here when we built the Math Cities, and even more that you weren’t there to destroy them!

    Good luck for high school,


  5. Hey deon its me caitlin
    How is it over in England? I’ve always wondered what would be like over in England. Why do you start high school in two weeks I find that wiered because its different over here, do you miss us because if you do I prefer to have you as the Vice captain to day 25th of August weve have a AWSOME mini fete you should be here because there is going to be choc tops, soft drinks,and heaps more but its a shame because the wind is so heavy.
    P.S can you come back seriously

  6. WOW
    alot of Reply’s πŸ˜›
    @Mr MIlls uum yeah its starting to get cold because summers just finished. Yeah im exited but scared at the same time
    yeah I think u learn different subjects I think there might be a wider variety here I think thats not for certain

  7. @ Josh
    Hey man,
    Yeah Englands cool and just starting to get cool πŸ˜€
    uum im scared and exited about starting high school how are you?

  8. @ Lara
    uum I start high school because its summer in england and summer holidays have just finished

    uum yeah I am Depending on Tai’s Decision πŸ˜›

  9. @Jesse
    I am going to The John Warner School
    Yeah Man I Love wrestling more than ever since rey won the WWE Title and Sin Cara Came although the real one is suspended for 30 days
    how are you

    • @deon

      You might say high school is fun but I don’t think my bro thinks that because he hates year7! Hope you enjoy england!!!

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