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  1. If I was Prime Minister I would let kids drive cars , get rid of homework and school. I would go all over the country and go around the world. I would let kids drive motorbikes on the road. I would let kids get a car when they are 8 years old. I would make it were you don’t need money to buy stuff. I would let kids drive bobcats in there back yard. I would let 4 year olds drive a
    speed boat. Kids have to be home school.

  2. @ Mr Mills

    On my first week of being prime Minister I would
    1 Change that you don’t have to pay for take away even though I don’t like take away,because a lot of people have take away probably 3 nights a week.
    2 I would build more hospitals because alot of people have been getting sick aspecially in winter.
    3 book shops should stay open longer because if you don’t have book stores than you can’t enjoy the storys and quality books if there isn’t book stores open.

  3. @Mr Mills
    If I was elected the Prime Minister of australia I would do these three things.
    First I would order room service if there was any because I love food. I would also order room service because when you are the head of your country you would want the best food you can have.

    Another thing I would do if I was the Prime Minister of australia I would be is have a secatary who is my friend because you wouldn’t want a secatary who would want to tell you how to run things but having your friend as your secatary they would encourage you to be the best Prime Minister you can be because that is one of our school values!

    The last thing I would do if I was Prime Minister would be make all of the dreams of every one in the world come true because it has to happen one day, and the week that I would be Prime Minister for I would let it happen for all of the people of australia have their dream come true!

    Love Lara!

  4. @ Mr Mills

    If I was Prime Minister for three days I would do…

    1. I would make tax and bills go down because people are erning money and then they have to waste it on tax and bills
    2. I would say if you are speeding and you are fined you would get more of a bill because people that are speeding do not take care of other people on the road and any day it could kill somebody and if you give them a bigger fine they might not do it again because they do not want to pay that much money again.
    3. I would build more hospitals so there would be hospitals for everyone in the world and I would get people doinate more money to the hospials in need of new equiptment.


  5. @Mr Mills

    Wow I dont beleive it, i’ve been elected to be Prime Minister for Australia. The three things i would do is let 12 year old kids drive car and motorbike because most of the 12 year olds are responsible to drive at that age i think. Second thing is to let kids fall of school at the age of 14 because they have been in school for many years and than they have to do home school when they fall out of school so then they can sleep in in till 12 o’clock. The third reason is to go around the world and help people that don’t have a home because they can die.

  6. If I were Prime Minister of Australia I would lower our taxes to make that no one has to sleep on the streets becuase thats one of the major things no one would want in Australia.
    My second thing would be to ban smoking because you would’nt want to risk your life if you have family to support and things you have’nt done but want to do, I suggest you stop smoking and start living.
    My thirdly I’d like help support schools so that that they have the right subjects and stationary so they can get a good education in life.

  7. @Mr Mills

    Being elected Prime Minister is not only fun but it is a massive responsibility. The first thing I would do is go through all the failed attempts or unsuccessful rules other Prime Ministers tried to do, find the one that the public need and put it into action. I would Probably go with one that has something to do with the quality of the produce we get at the supermarket, especially in poor towns.

    The second thing I would do is make sure that every child at the age of 12 and up, get their own opinions, whether they go to a good high school or bad. It’s like 12 the new 18, you choose what you want to be!

    The last thing I would do is make schools at 12, and end ant 4:30. So kids can sleep and be fresh minded by lunch, and I know that’s way better for teachers!
    From Amber

  8. @ Mr Mills

    1. I wouldn’t donate any money to hospitals, oprans and poor people because it is all mine instead I would spead it on casinos and mansions

    2. I would change some laws like you have to be 14 to get you learners pearmit then at 16 you get your drivers license and make it you have to be over 30 to get a job.

    3. I would make so kids get paid to go to school they
    get 5 dollars every week from the goverment and the teachers get nothing besides a brand new sport car after the year.

  9. @Mr Mills
    If I had just been elected as the Prime Minister of
    Australia, for my first week the three things that I would do…. would be
    1. intorduce my self to Australia and tell Autsralia what I am going to do to make this country even better.
    2. I would add new shops and roads ect to make it easier for people to get to work.
    3. I would do a funraiser for the Ryoal childrens hospital,so we can get new equitment for the children in the hospital to make them feel better!

  10. @Mr Mills

    If I was elected Prime Minister of Australia the very first thing I would do in office would be to improve the enviroment. This is someting that I think the past Prime Ministers have not really concentrated enough on. I would do this by encouraging to stop littering and reduce the amount of carbon we produce.

    Another thing I would do would do would be to make more parks and reserves for the community. I think this would raise the community spirit and also make the country more exotic.

    The third thing I would do would be to improve the amount and quality of schools in the country and especially the colleages and high schools. I would do this because I think that when someone goes on to secondary school thier life depends on how well they do and some high schools dont have such good quality as others. Also I would make a few more schools for non-christian.

    So if I was Prime Minister these are the things I would do.

  11. @Mr .Mills,

    If I was elected Prime Minister of Australia, the three things I would do in my first week would include saving up money for about 6 months then using that money, that was put aside from the ‘spending money’,
    to help people – especially kids – with no home.

    The next thing I would do is introduce Orange Choc Chip Ice-cream to Australian Ice-cream makers. Aussies deserve to taste the heavenly taste of Orange Choc Chip Ice-cream!

    The last thing I’d do is change the law of people only being able to drive once they reach a certain age. We should not have it AGE wise, we should have it HEIGHT wise. So, once you’re a certain height, you can start learning how to drive!

    So, if I were Prime Minister I would save money, and help the homeless, introduce Orange Choc Chip Ice-cream to Australians, and change the law of when you can start learning how to drive! I’d be an awesome Prime Minister, and YOU know it!

    Zee. (:

  12. lf i was the prime minister of Australia , on the first week l would play all the games l like .

    l will also create my own Zoo behind the state house for other Prime Minister in the world and l will bult a big room in the state house for the Qeen . l would half of the the rules in Ausralia the frist rule l would change the is the speed limit in all the high ways in australia beacause so boring to speed at 100 kmph it will be at 200 kmph .

  13. @ Mr Mills,
    If I had just been elected for Prime Minister I would of Australia, the first thing I would do in the first week would be:

    1) Build more Doctors with X’ray rooms because some of the things you need X’rays for are not as life threttning as somethings that you would go to a hospital for.

    2) I would also build more high schools around Victoria because there are not many high schools.


  14. To Mr Mills,

    If I was elected as a Prime Minister the first thing I would do is ask is who was crazy enough to vote for a 12 year old!

    But really the first thing I would do is go out to shopping centres getting to know the public and their opinion. I believe that to be a good Prime Minister you have to do what is best for the pubic and their families. There is no point of coming up with an idea if it is not going to help the families in their homes. This will help me win votes and do better things for people.

    The second thing I would do as a Prime Minister is I would talk to my party. I would get there ideas and talk to each Minister about their area, like school or transport. This will help me get an idea of my party and how to help them with their plans. This is why I would talk to my party.

    Last but not least I will decide to work with a charity. It`s something I’ve always wanted to do and now I will be able to do it on a big scale. It will help the people who are living a very hard life on the streets or with no water and food. Seeing all those ads on TV and all those kids. There is no way you can`t not help them.

    So this is what I would do if I was a Prime Minister because it will help the people living in Australia.

    Till Next Time,

  15. mr mills

    if i am a Prime Minister. i will made a house with a big pool , five bedrooms ,three bathrooms ,one study , two cars and 2 million dollors. I will give this things to the people who don’t have any job to do and any money to buy food.

  16. @ Mr Mills
    I have just been elected as the prime minister of Australia. What are three things would I do during my first week in office.

    1. I would visit the poor poeple and give them some shelter, food and $1000 to all the poor poeple.
    I would donate money to hospitals for poeple that are hurt or need surgery, and pet shelters for homeless pets.

    2. I would change some laws like you have to be 14 to get your learners permitt then when your 16 you can get your p plates, Your aloud to leave school at the age of 15, Primary school kids get 5 dollars a week from the goverment.

    3. I would make more skate parks for kids to ride on.

    there was my three thing I would do if I was the prime minister.

  17. To all Australians thankyou for voting me as the ‘PRIME MINISTER’ of Australia. I would really enjoy going to other cities and explore other cities and which countries need help with with poverty. As now I will be prime minister of Australia till the next election. And the three main things that i would do sitting in my main office would be starting of by looking for countries that need help with and send sums of money to all those countries and send lots of Australians over there with machines so that the poor countries can have help with finding water and use the machines to filter it and let the poor people drink clean water. My next improvement as Prime minister in my main office would be fixing up the economy to help people not lose jobs and help people not to lose Money to feed themselfes and thier Family. My third and not least job i would do would be to make countries that are not devoloped to start getting it devoloped for it to be a tourist destination.

    And for now i have had enough for a day and let me get some rest for me to think more things to do tommrrow.

  18. @ Mr Mills

    The first thing i would do as Prime Minister is let kids drive cars at the age of 12 because if they start learning from 12 when they get to say 16 they would be pro at it and 12 is a mature age. The second thing i would do as prime minister is make a mebership card for good offers like a ps3 including 2 games and a ps3 microphone all for $100. Because if you were a kid you would have atlest one consoel to play with. The last thing i would do as Prime Minister is have 6 Celebreties to go to Australia each year and all of them have to meet all there fans. Because people would atleast meet one of there fans in there life. Those are the three things i would do as Prime Minister in the week.

  19. @ Mr Mills

    The first thing I would do if I was Prime Minister is to let kids drive cars at the age of 8 because kids can go where they want when they want. Secondly if you have a membership card you can get 50 percent off everything because then you have enough money to buy houses and cars. The last thing I would do as Prime Minister is in every school you get to choose what subject you want to do because then you will be more interested in work. Those are the things I would do if I was Prime Minister.

  20. @ Mr Mills
    If I was Prime Minister of australia for the first week I would ban cigarets so it would lower the chances of lung cancer and death and I would get more hospitals and make that you dont have to pay to get into the hospitals. I would also make homes for the homeless so thay would not have to sleep on the streets. would also make jails more comfortable but make there stay go up by 5 years because I think that some people in jails are innocent and are not comfortable in the jails so that would be for them not for the murders because eserve the pain of the jail. I would also lower bills because that is the reson for most divorces and normally childen are the most upset and it effects them most. I would also make more soup kitchens for the people that don’t have the money and can not afford food. I would also help the people that don’t have jobs get a job and give them $100 so that they can look nice for there interveiw because if they came in loooking awful they won’t get the job and that won’t help .would also make more homes/ hospitals for old people so they can stay heathy and under 24 hour supervision so if they need help it is there for them. I wuld also make more foster care angencys and more carers for the agency and help children in need have a happy life and not a terrable one . I would also make special schools for the disabled.


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