What’s the go in Week 4?

Week four already. Wow!

We are now well in to our inquiry projects and the production. As you can see, we are devoting quite a bit of time to these rich learning tasks this week. Tomorrow we are going to be looking at a new tool to help us with our production scripting, along with Maths and Book Club. Ms Baille is coming in to take us for a session on Tuesday, along with our regular ‘Kicking Goals’ program which everyone is getting a lot out of.

Don’t forget that this week is assembly week. See you in the PAC at 12:30 if you can make it.


2 thoughts on “What’s the go in Week 4?

  1. @Mr Mills,
    are you able to put a prezi link onto the blog so that
    we can axsess prezi from mhome because it is not loading through google!
    Thank you

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