Homework – Weeks 3 and 4, Term 3

Wow, week three already!


Here is our homework for Weeks 3 and 4 of Term 3. All of our tasks relate to the learning we have been doing, or will be doing, in class, especially our work on average, operations and measurement in Maths, grammar and vocab in English and our class novel for integrated.

This homework is due back on Friday, 12 August. Our organisation tip is to ensure you’re in the right frame of mind before
beginning homework. No point if you are really tired or exhausted. Have a snack, something to drink or a ten minute break if needed before starting.

When you finish your homework, why not score yourself on our marking rubric – it should be the same score I give you!

Some websites that might help you to complete tasks this week include:

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  1. Hello Mr Mills and 56C,

    I Mr Kennedy from Drysdale Primary School and I have just reviewed your awesome class blog as part of the G2C11 challenge.

    Mr Kennedy (& 5K @ Drysdale PS)

  2. @Mr Mills
    I changed my avatar as you can see. Don’t you think it is awesome! Mr Mills if I had to use the alturnative upload is that just my computer or the system.
    Lara the awesome!

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