Discussion / Thinking Question – Back in Time

Let’s link in with our Inquiry topic and study for this week’s thinking question. Our focus this week will be on:

  • making links between the past and the present (and identifying what is different)
  • including historical fact in a fiction piece of writing
  • describe a scene
  • writing in the first person.


You are Marty McFly, and have just travelled in the DeLorean back to the year 1912. Describe where you have arrived and what the world is like. Try to include facts about the era to make it seem real.

Malinthi and Zenia’s Prezi about WW1.

Our Prezi is all about how the first War started, how it ended, and also what happened afterwards. We hope when you go through our Prezi, you will learn as much as we have researching the project. Zenia and I enjoyed working on Prezi, because it was new and different to the daily Powerpoint. We think the effects on Prezi make our whole presentation look more interesting and worthwhile. Hopefully, everyone else thinks so ,too!

Sarah’s Titanic Prezi!

The Titanic was a ship that was built to go from South Hampton to New York, New York. This ship was built to be unsinkable but to lookouts were mucking around so they were not concentrating on the iceberg or where they were going.

In this prezi it ha slots of infomation about the Titanic and also some infomation about a girl that was born one month before the Titanic had finished being built there for tht she went onto the Totanic with her perents.