Discussion Question: Holidays

This morning we are going to do a quick, ten minute writing task. Our focus is on:

  • Being creative
  • Quickly coming up with an idea
  • Editing our work as we go


If you could go on a dream holiday anywhere, where would it be and why? What would you do there?

49 thoughts on “Discussion Question: Holidays

  1. If I had a dream holiday it would be Queensland. The first time I went I had so much fun!. I would like to explore different parts of Queensland, and make new friends but also introduce them to my other friends from Victoria. I would try to concure every ride in dream world, but have fun at the same time. I might even concure every ride in every park! Aspecially movie world!

    • why do you want to concure all the rides in dream would and movie world? Thay is my second place i would like to go to. My favourite world was dream world/ white water world because it is two worlds in one it is so cool…

  2. If I were to go to a dream hoilday I would go to Fiji because it is a sunny place, it has a beach near the motels and it has lots tree’s, plant’s and wild life.
    I would go wind sailing, I would go surfing, I would stay up late, drink out of a coconut with a little umbrella in it, I would eat as much as I like when ever I like, I see the animals, I would go bird watching, I would go scoober diving, I would go fishing, I would go an see sharks, whales and dolphins, I would go bunjee jumping, I would go sky diving, I would go hangglinding, I would ride dirt bikes , I would to the pool and I would go moutain bike riding and that’s why I would go to Fiji for my dream holiday

    • @ tai nice idea i would go to the same holiday as you since oyu told me what you are doing

    • @Tai

      I would love to do all those activities. It sounds like lots of fun! i would go hear if i had the time. The first thing i would do id drink out of a cocunut! Well done Tai!!!

      Till Next Time,

    • @Tai

      Tai I think it would be fun to do all those things but how would you fit it in your daily life things you have to do. If I were to do all those things I would find it very fun and awesome!

      Created by Lara the awesome!

  3. To Mr Mills

    My dream holiday is to go to a room made up of my imagenation. The room will look like whatever anyone wants to see. The wall might be blue, pink or even white. The items in the room will be whatever you want them to be. All you have to do to have a giant bed in the room is just to think of a bed. While you stay in this room you can do whatever you want and time will stand still so you can spend any amount of time here.

    I have picked this place because I can do anything I want! I would read for hours without time going by and I could eat all the ice cream I wanted! This is a perfect place to go because you can imagen the beach and suddenly feel the sand between your toes. Doing what I want whenever I want is ever kids dream! So in this room I can have fun all day with no adults telling me to do some chores or do some homework.

    The days in this room will be made up of me going to lands back in time and visiting the people of the future but most of all I will have any book and all the time in the world to read! All of the thing above I would like to do and anyway whats better then ones imagenation to live in?

    Till Next Time,

    • I think thats really cool! I would love to go to there, too! And how cool would it be reading forever, without wasting time! i think this is really good, lots of thought.
      keep up the great work, kelly!

      From Amber

  4. My dream holiday place would be Lara land because it is a land I made up and I rule it so I think it is pretty cool. This is the land where I can relax and enjoy life with out having to go to school or doing any homework. All I would do is watch T.V and rule the world of Lara! I would also be a awesome queen of the world I would invite all my friends to live there with me and enjoy the luxury that I would be having. There would be all the things you could ever imagine like a chocolate fountaine in my room with stawberrys and marshmollows that you could dunk in the chocolate. I would also have hover crafts as transport and you could ride a scooter that rides it self any where you want. In my land there is only awesome people like all my friends and family because if there was any bad people there would be black coulds in the air but if there is only good people there would be rainbows in the air and every thing would smell nice and look nice and you could have what ever you want with out getting fat. If you were to live there it would be your dream land as it is mine! If you were to live there you would have a funny looking house and garden but you laugh so much that you wouldn’t even care that it is odd. You wouldn’t have to worry about getting dirty because there is no such thing as cleaning in my world so if you get dirty you are automaticly clean again because if you were to be cleaning you wouldn’t be able to have any freash air.

    Created by Lara the awesome!

    • lara land sounds awesome but when i was reading your writing some of it did not make sense. and there was spelling mistakes in it. you did really well with writing lots of stuff you rote and it sounds like lots of people would go there.

    • @ Lara
      I love your land and I would certainly love to live there. What sorts of luxuries would you have that your friends would be able to share. I love the no homework and no cleaning bit. That’s what makes your land so tempting to live and of course that everyone is nice!

    • @Lara
      OFI: Great job on your Writting, maybe next time you could inprove using more paragraphas.
      Psitives: A positive isd that you used your creativity skills.
      Another positive it that you made up your land and that you did not use a real land and change it!
      From Sarah

    • @ lara
      I would love to live in your would were there would be rainbows in the air and funny houses and i would never be dirty .

      I like how creative you have been your comment is wonderful.


  5. There is one place in the world, better than any other, that would make an ideal holiday location. If I had a choice to go anywhere for a dream holiday, I would love to visit Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory!

    Imagine all of the fun that you could have there. There would be so many different inventions to taste and try. I would love to see the newest inventions in the factory and find out what the newest chocolate was going to be. And drinking from the chocolate river! Even though others have fallen in, I am sure it is possible to be a lot more careful and enjoy all of the delicious, fresh chocolate that is flowing down that stream.

    Even more than eating the chocolates though, I think it would be fantastic to take a ride in the great glass elevator. It is just amazing that it can go anywhere with just the press of a button. Up, down, side to side, the sky’s the limit (literally!). It would be great to be able to take the elevator and use it to fly high above the rest of the town. You could even take the chocolates from the factory and drop them on people around the town.

    If it was a holiday I would be able to stay in the factory and I am sure they would have some Oompa Loompa servants to treat everyone like Kings. They would prepare all of the meals, take you anywhere and clean up all the mess. This would make the holiday so relaxing as you wouldn’t have to lift a finger – everything would be done for you.

    • @ Mr mills i would love to go to a holiday where chocolates and heaps of sweets are there yummmm.

    If i ever went on a dream holiday where i would go would be is in the desert.
    I would like to go to the desert because there you see the sand the enourmus storms there and expeirence the coldness there in night and get the hottest day in the desert. In the desert i would ask my friends to come with me and come and ride on a camel and see if the desert would ever end. i would also like to see if people like to live in a desert or has anyone made a communiti in the desert.

    But i wouldn’t like to stay there too long because it is hard to find water hard to find food and hard to feed the camel so for now i would like to depart out of here. Now there will be one more problem the people who i met here is dead. from no food or water for 2 MILLION YEARS. So now i know that i should more careful where i travel because you never know who or what might happen to you . “Now do i get out of here don’t
    worry i will out of here in no time………

    TWO MILLION years later I’am only 150 years old and i still haven’t found my way out.

    Good bye for now i will write to you again when i get out of here, “now where is the door hand le to get out of here”??

  7. If I had a dream holiday it would be Queensland. The first time I went I had so much fun!. I would like to explore different parts of Queensland, and make new friends but also introduce them to my other friends from Victoria. I would try to concure every ride in dream world, but have fun at the same time. I might even concure every ride in every park! Aspecially movie world! created by the cool and awsome Caitlin

  8. My dream place to go would be Olivia land and I would rule it. Everything was there that you wanted and you could go where ever you wanted at anytime of the day or night.There is a chocolet factery where everything is made out of chocolet and you can eat it because it would come back. There is even the parks from queensland there so you can have all the fun just in one place insted of driving around to diffrent places and also all the worlds are goind together.
    when you would like to go to the shops you can just get you phone and press 3 and a car will come to your driveway so no one will have to own a car. shops have everythink you can think of and some stuff is for free and otherwise stuff is at a very low price like eggs are 50c for 12. There is no rules so people can do what they want. To get a plane to Olivia land it is only $500. I hope you can come to Olivia land and do what you want when you want. So far 1,000 people are there…

    Created by Olivia

    • @Olivia

      I would love to shop for free. Thats a really good idea! i can just imagen myself running from store to store and getting so awesome free stuff. I like how you explaned how to get to Olivia Land and how many people lived there so far. Great idea!

      Till Next Time,

    • @Olivia

      That sound very cool Olivia, very cheap, i would go there if i could. you should check your punctuation and spelling. keep up the great work


  9. Dear Mr Millls,
    My dream holiday is to go to a different world, one where there is no growing old, one where everybody stays…immortal. The sky will stay a night blue, and there are no laws, everyone is free to do what they want. But my people will be smart, and make the right choices, and everyone will live in harmony. There will be vampires of course, but they will no longer have bloodlust, they will be like everyone else, only stronger. Every person will have a vampire gurdian, who will earn the privlage by going to a vampire school for 5 years. My people will stay 21 years old forever, and money will not be made, everything is free. everying is happy.

    The reason I chose this place is because its my ideal world, its lets my imagiation run wild! Ofcourse, I love vampires so I added that in. If I was there I would probley be a vampire and learn the ways of there ancesters. I like the idea of every one living in harmony, its what a world should be like , not cramed up with laws.


    • @Amber

      I really liked the ideas of the vampires. It sounds exacly like you. i would love to live in a world like that. I think you did really wellcoming up with really good ideas

      Till Next Time,

  10. My dream holiday is to go to Paris . l would like yo go there because lt is one of the most beautiful country in the world . l would also like to see mostly the city b ecause it will be full oof lights in the evening . l woul like to travel by boat to the center of the city . l aiso had that in paris hotel there are indoor pools and free hotel room service if you go to vagers hotel in the city and free television channels , free video games and acasino but its for adults . there is alsogols and afree golf kit and gokart.o

  11. @Mr.Mills, if I could go on a holiday anywhere, it would be to Atlantis, where the mermaids and mermen live, or at least they do in myths.

    If I went there, I would be able to see without any goggles, breathe without an oxygen tank, and swim to the depths of the ocean, with no problem.

    I’d love to go under the sea, be able to see all the wonders without any limits, and find out more about the beautiful creatures who live in Atlantis.

    So, if I could go on a dream holiday, anywhere in the world, I’d like to go to Atlantis, and visit the mermaids, and mermen, and find out more about them.


    • @Zee

      Zee I think the description that you put in your writing is very good I think you were very creative about where you wanted to go. I agree with you it would be cool to see the memaids and mermen. If you ever get to go can I have an invatation to come with you it would be an amazing adventure to see all those things and do all those things with out an air tank.

      Created by Lara the awesome!

    • Hey Lara,

      Thanks for your comments, and yes you can have an invitation to come with me. (:


  12. If i were to go to my dream holiday destination it would be America because I could go to Disney World with my best friend Liam. We could spend all day at Disney World and have lots of fun and then we would go back to the hotel and relax for about an hour. Then we would go out to McDonalds and then we would go to the MGM and we would have some fun on the Pokies then after a long night out we would go back to our five star hotel for the night. The next day we would go out the see the NBA to see LA Lakers vs Miami Heat i would be cheering for LA Lakers and liam would be cheering for Miami Heat. Then we would go to a basketball court and play one on one.

    • Watching LA Lakes Vs Miami Heat would be cool and going to the Pokies. Go MIAMI HEAT! And going to MGM.

  13. @Mr Mills,
    If I could go on a dream holiday anywhere it would be to a bird paradise. A place where there is no animal cruelty, no poachers or people to decline the numbers of innocent animals just for their skin. It would be a place that would be filled with the sound of birds singing during day and night.

    At first sight it would take your breath away and all the animals would be tame and not that vicious towards humans. It would almost be a tropical rainforest just with a lot more types of birds and animals and even the species’ that are said to be extinct, as a result for poaching.

    If I went there I would do some research and learn about the types of birds and animals that live. I might even take something back home to show everyone that the world could be such an exotic place if we didn’t kill animals for no reason but self delight.

    So, if I could go anywhere it would be a breathtaking place and I would bring something back to make a difference to the world.


  14. My Dream Holiday is to go to Gol Gol on the Murray River because you can water ski all the time, relax and watch TV, have a open fire every night, watch water ski racing on the weekend of Mildura 100, camp with friends on the river side, play CoD all day on PS3 and play GTA IV (5).

    • Liam i would like to go to your holiday destination and watch water skiing with you and after we can play cod ps3 and gta iv (5).

  15. @Mr Mills,
    If I could go anywhere it would be a lolly wonderland were I could eat chocolate and sweats all day till I get sick and can eat no more till the next day. Then I’d eat more and more .

    I would also do fun activities like wind-surfing in chocolate, climbing giant lolly pops, abseiling down rocky road boat and riding down a chocolate stream and see all the chocolate fish.

    So, if I would go anywhere for a dream holiday I would go to a candy and chocolate land.

    By Bethany.

  16. @ Mr Mills

    If i would go on a holiday i would go to Queensland because i would go to every theme park and some of the rides. I would also go to Queensland because i have never been there before and i reckon it would be lots of fun. I would also like to see all of the different places there are in Queensland and see the different things they have there because i would know more places. I also want to see what the beaches look like. The last reason i would lik eto go to Queensland is because i could buy things that i might not be able to buy in Victoria.

    • @ Jesse

      in Queensland you also get to go to a big food cafe that is about 15 feet long and you can pick any type of food you want you can even make your own milkshake.
      very intresting stuff about what you said.

    • @Jesse

      Hi that was great

      it was really interesting reading about your holiday i liked how you wrote alot about your holiday

      from Jarryd

  17. My Dream Holiday is in CANADA because I have been that before and I would like to go there again. I feel soooo good at the Canada’s shops are soooo great that you can buy Indian sweets too. I have got to
    New York and the another city near the New York city. I have been in the New York’s shops too and it was sooo like the Canadan’s that and the snow was soooooo goooood that I can’t believe it I just ran in the snow. My clothes was sooo snoweee that my sister said that look at your clothes they are sooooo sonweee why did you go in the snow. I just wanted to go there.

    your student

  18. @ mr mills

    if i would go on a holiday i would go to Queensland because i have never been before and everybody talks about it my brother even went. I would also like to go on the rides at Queensland and the theme parks. The other reason why i would like to go to Queensland is because of beaches i have seen pictures of the beaches in Queensland and it looks amazing. I have also been wanting to go to Queensland for a long time. the last reason why i would like to go to Queens land is because of the big food cafe my brother brought back a picture of the food cafe and it was masive the food bar was about 15 feet long it was that big

    • @Zak

      Hi Zak that was great,

      really interesting what you would do on your holiday have you seen the pictures of the theme parks? There awesome
      i like how you talked about everything

      from Jarryd

    • @ Zak

      Zak that was great it was interesting what you would do on your holiday and on the 6th line you put Queensland like this . Queens land. i liked how you talked about different things.

  19. @Mr Mills

    If i would go on a holiday i would go to Queensland!! Because
    its hot and not cold and i would go to every theme park, every ride and
    i would also go to the best places i can find and i think it would be awesome
    but i have already been there but i dont care because its fun and i really
    enjoyed it.

    I also think it would be good place for a holiday is that its mostly always
    hot so you can do more stuff outside than being stuck inside with nothing to do.

    Altogether i think Queensland would be the best place for a Holiday

    from Jarryd

    • @ Jarryd

      Jarryd that was great what you would do on your holiday. It was very interesting what you write on your dream holiday. it was good how you did not talk about the same thing.

    • @ jarryd

      that was an intresting holiday piece i liked how you you said you have been there already and you still want to go if you do go there check out the food bar.

  20. I would really want to go to Egypt for my most precious holiday of all time because I am so obsessed with the egyptian treasures. Also because I want to learn how the ancient egyptian’s live their lives while in slavery.

    I would also make a discovery thats worth living for. I want to try and do something that would make me happy like finding something thats inspiring and new.

    When I find a life living discovery I want to travel the world a lot of times. I would be feeling tears of joy if I could go on this holiday of a life time because it would be something I would nueture forever.
    By Chevrolet

    • @ Chevrolett

      You really sound like you want to go there. What sort of dicoveries do you think you will make when you are there? I’m pretty sure people would be inspired by your discoveries!

  21. @Kelly

    I liked how you’ve used you can have what you want with out time going by. I like the description you’ve used and how you have used well done. Keep doing writing like that. Aspecially how you have writen it now.

  22. @ Amber

    I liked the choose of being 21 forever because
    I never want to grow up and I really would like to go to a school for only 5 years and not 12 its a big difference so keep it up.
    By the cool and Awsome Caitlin

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