Homework – Weeks 1 and 2, Term 3

Here is our homework for Weeks 1 and 2 of Term 3. All of our tasks relate to the learning we have been doing, or will be doing, in class.

If you wish to use your computer for the fluency item and need a program to use, you may like to download Audacity here which we used in class. It is the easiest to use!

This homework is due back on Friday, 29th July. Our organisation tip is to ensure you read through the tasks before you begin to know what you need to do to be successful, and then check again at the end to ensure you have done everything that was asked of you.

When you finish your homework, why not score yourself on our marking rubric – it should be the same score I give you!

4 thoughts on “Homework – Weeks 1 and 2, Term 3

  1. Hello Mr Mills

    I am doing my homework but i am having some troble finding the information for the extension bit on the middle intergrated block. i`ve been looking for a while but i haven`t found it. ddo you know some sites i can look on to find the answers.

    Till Next Time,

  2. Hi Mr Mills I was wondering if I could do the croswords activity on prezi so I can Experiment to learn how to use it properly please.
    regaurds chevrolet.

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