4 thoughts on “News from 56C – Episode 4

  1. WOW! Zak and Bethany this is simply OUTSTANDING! I loved the expression in your voices, and the way you did not read from a script! I can see you put much effort into the planning and how well you understand what you are learning about. AMAZING. Can you teach my class how to do one of these?

  2. Hi Bethany and Zak, I am so impressed by the energy in your presentations. You speak with enthusiasm and expression for the whole clip, speaking without a script I think really helped you to do this. How you remembered everything you wanted to say I don’t know! Well done to both of you.
    For the camera people I would raise the camera up higher for a more natural angle at eye level but I really liked the changes in direction to add more visual interest.

  3. Congratulations Bethany and Zak on an impressive presentation.

    Have you had the opportunity to stuy and analyse real reporters from TV News broadcasts to see how they stand and move during a broadcast. This might help you to get some ideas about how to develop your skills as roving reporters for your next broadcast.

    Mrs Laverman

  4. This is effective Bethany and Zac and very easy to listen to and watch.

    Have you had the opportunity to study and analyse real TV News reporters during a broadcast to see how they stand, move and present their stories? This may help you to further develop your skills for reporting live!

    Mrs. Laverman

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