In Come the Dollars, In Come the Cents

In come the dollars, in come the cents;
To replace the pounds and the shillings and the pence.
Be prepared folks when the coins begin to mix;
On the 14th of February 1966.

Today in class, as a part of our Inquiry topic, we watched the 1918 episode of the story My Place. We completed a venn diagram to help us identify similarities and differences between 1918 and 2011. One of the differences we noticed was the currency they used in 1918 Australia; they kept referring to pounds and pence.

This led us to a discussion about currencies around the world and the changeover to decimal currency in 1966. The video below featured on television at the time informing people about the conversion to dollars and cents.

Below are some of the banknotes and coins that were used in Australia prior to 1966 – a sixpence coin and ten shilling note. How do they differ from our notes and coins today? You can see more examples of pre-decimal currency here.

Do you think it was a good thing to change to using the dollar?

What persuasive arguments does the video use to try and convince us that it is a good change to make?

4 thoughts on “In Come the Dollars, In Come the Cents

  1. @ Mr Mills
    I think it was googd that they changed the dollar because it was harrder to add up the old dollar then it is now…
    They used persuasive arguments when they said that it was easear to add our money now then back then so it is better that we had the money that we have the money that was changed on the 14 of febuary 1966… They also used persuasive arguments when they maid the song to get everyone to change to the money over to the money that had just been intergesed to the people… They also maid a persuasive arguments when they said that it was making the boss and all sorts of other people angery…


  2. @56C and Mr Mills

    Yes I think it was a very good idea to change over to Dollars and cents from Pounds, shillings and pence because I looked really hard to add up money before the 14th of February 1966 and now it is really easy to add up dollars.
    In this persuasive argument is uses that lost of mistakes were made, bosses get angary and time and money are wasted.


  3. @Mr.Mills,

    Yes, like Olivia and Sarah, I think it was a good idea to change to the decimal currency. It looked really hard to add up pounds, shillings and pennies, I’m glad we use decimal currency now!
    There were a lot of persuasive arguments through out the song, such as the fact that a lot of mistakes were made when they used the other currency. It also shows us HOW it’s easier to add with the decimal currency in a simple, understandable way.

    And, the song is catchy, which is a good way to make people remember the big change!


  4. I remember the changing from pounds to dollars and also the advertisement on tv at that time (in black and white). I was 9 years old and thought it was fantastic to change the money, it seemed really America!

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