News from 56C – Episode 3

This week’s news was produced by Chevrolet and Liam, although features special presentations by Josh and Kelly. If you haven’t already seen our performance at assembly you can check out the video here.

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2 thoughts on “News from 56C – Episode 3

  1. Hi Josh and Kelly and Liam and Chevrolet,
    A clean and simple layout for your presentation. Really liked the transitions and the little dance sequence!
    It would have been great to see a close up of the mind map while you talked about it. Remember to be still and look at the camera when you aren’t presenting, even though it feels a bit weird. Remember to look at the camera as much as you can when you presenting too.
    Finally, always check what’s in the background it’s not distracting when you filming sometimes but it can be very obvious when you watch it later.
    well done.
    Mr. P

  2. Congratulations on the significant development you have made in the broadcasts over the past couple of weeks. I am impressed by the changes you have been able to make in order to engage your viewer and audience more actively in your presentation.

    Mrs Laverman

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