4 thoughts on “Decade Summary – 1990s

  1. Well done Zac and Bethany. I like how you worked as a team because you have put a lot of information in. I like how you two put a certain amount of information.

  2. Well done Bethany and Zak! It seems you’ve put a lot of effort into your work. We find it really interesting that dance clubs were popular in the 1990s, since I LOVE to dance ;D

    Lara and Zee.

  3. Hi

    Zac and Beth that was awesome.

    I think you could of had a bit of infomation for inportant events.

    Still heaps of infomation its really cool keep up the great work.

    From Jarryd

  4. Hi

    great job Zak and Beth. It would of been better if you put some more information on interrsting facts. i liked how you did each topic in a different colour. i also liked how you put lots of information in your work. it was good that you nearly did all the topics.keep up the great work.


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