3 thoughts on “Decade Summary – 1900s

  1. @ Jessica and shaun…
    I lovw what you have done with the mind map it looks awsome how you did it… i can not bellive that men use to get $4.50 a week and now we get like $1000 a week…


  2. @ Jessica and shaun,

    We really like how you have presented your work. It is all colourful and you put in a lot of effert. The borders that you put in give the bubbles a good effect.

    Malinthi, Kelly and Bethany.

  3. @ jesica and Shaun..
    I think the work is really good because you have presented you work really well so you can read it really well… I also like how you have put alot of imformation into it well done!!! What have you leart about the 1900’s..


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