Cha Cha Flash Mob @ Assembly

Inspired by the students in the MLU @ Bellaire Primary, today we gave our very first ‘flash mob’ a go, performing the Cha Cha Slide at our whole school assembly. After rehearsing last week we waited until the music started playing in the middle of assembly and then surprised everyone by jumping up and dancing at the back of the hall.

Unfortunately our jumping caused the floor and camera to shake quite a bit, but you can still enjoy the performance below. Why not leave a comment and let us know what you think!

13 thoughts on “Cha Cha Flash Mob @ Assembly

  1. Hi Berwick Fields!
    Congratulations on surprising the school community with your own Cha Cha Slide at assembly. I loved the way the music just started during the assembly. Everyone is getting into it and it looks like you practised heaps!
    It’s a catchy song.

    We appreciate the mention in your post.

    Mr KT & the MLU students

  2. I loved that! I am sorry I missed it but clever Mr Mills filmed it for us all to enjoy! Thanks heaps. Awesome job guys!

  3. Hi Berwick Field ps,
    WOW, I watched this video and it was amazing! This song was introduced to us by an american student teacher, and we performed this song and dance at our yearly Bush Dance. I hope you enjoyed this as much as we did! Yes, that video of us was ALL our school, preps, juniors, middles and seniors, we are a pretty small school!

    Thanks for the lovely comment!

  4. Hello 5/6C and Mr Mills.

    Great job with the dancing! You cats rock!! Sorry I wasn’t there but had a meeting with Mr Data. Maybe you could do another one sometime.

    Keep jiving.

    Mr Wigney

  5. As a parent i found it so great and a wonderful surprise. How great it was to see the 5/6ers having so much fun. Loved seeing my daughter smiling while dancing.

  6. WOW! Very impressive! Looks like you all had lots of fun! What a great activity and a good secret from the rest of the school!

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  8. It was so awesome!! I was thinking of doing something different like change the moves so it the grade 56ers own dance so it not the same as the other skool (school).

  9. omg, great job guys. I know our school bellaire really enjoyed it. Ur totally bustin those moves our fo chizle. Make sure to make more flash mobs because i am lovin the way u groove

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