Learning about fractions

In class this week we have been exploring fractions, including what fractions are (equal parts of a whole or group), how to represent them and what they are equivalent to (the same as). We have been using a fraction wall to help us with this work. You may like to download this fraction wall for home to help remember how they compare.


Today as a part of our maths investigations we played the following game. It is fantastic for identifying and recognising fractions, and understanding/matching equivalent fractions. Everyone seemed to understand it really well!

To play, you can download the file I have created below and print it out at home. You will need two boards – one for each of the people playing. You will also need two 6-sided dice and a selection of counters or objects you can use to cover the squares.

Take turns to roll the two dice. Lets say you go first and roll a 2 and a 5. Using these two numbers, make a fraction (2/5) by placing the smaller number on top. As your fraction is 2/5, cover up two fifths on the gameboard. Now it is your partners turn to do the same.

The tricky bit is when the board starts to fill up. What if I roll 1/2, but I have already covered up both of the 1/2 pieces? You can start to match equivalents (cover 2 of the 1/4 rectangles, or 3 of the 1/6 rectangles). It works the same in reverse – if you roll 2/4 you can cover 1/2. You will also find you might get 4/4 but not have 4 quarters available to cover- you may need to cover the whole! You may also reach the stage where you have to skip a turn.

The winner is the first person to cover all the places on the wall.

Why not try playing this game at home and see if your child can explain it?


Download file as a PDF

After playing the game we also went further to ensure we have an understanding of equivalent fractions and can compare fractions to see if they are bigger or smaller than one another. There are some games you can play online to help you practise these, including Fraction Frenzy, Tony’s Pizza Place and Melvin’s Make a Match.

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