Fractions, Decimals and Percentages

On Friday, we continued our work on fractions, decimals and percentages. We started looking at how we could find the percentage of something when we had an amount that was more than or less than 100. To help us, we took to the school car park.

We found a row of 20 cars, and from this row were were able to work out some fraction, decimal and percentage amounts of the colours of the cars. Here is some of our work. We recorded it on the footpath so everyone could see.

20110624_maths 001 (Large)

20110624_maths 004 (Large)

To help you further practise matching fraction, decimal and percentage pairs, why not try out this game from the BBC’s fractions, decimals and percentages collection (there are more games and instructions if you follow the link!)

Roving Report

Interschool Sports 23/6/2011

  • First we went to Miss Leslie’s room and talked about what strategies we had to use and what possessions we were playing…
  • Then we went down to the basketball/netball courts and started practising so we could win agenssed Outlands Primary School…
  • Then Otlands arrived and me, Jess and rehilla had to great them and show them where to go…
  • So then we got onto our possisions and we started the first 7 minite quarter and at the end of that quarter I shot a goal and that was the only one we got for the whole intire game…
  • For all four quarters I played GA witch is wing attack but in the last quarter I got changed to be in GS witch was a supprise but for the 3 quarter I was on the side line timeing on Miss Leslies Iphone 4 and I was also scoring and none of us got a goal…
  • All of a sudden Beth said stop and what do you know Otlands Primery School had won the game it was 5 to 1…
  • After that we went back to Miss Leslies room and had snack and talked about litning prem witch is a all day netball game so you play about 7 games from 9:00 to 3:00 and I get to go in Mr Wigneys car..

On the 23 of June I went down to the basketball/netball courts and teamed up and i was on the mixed team and for all four quarters I was GA and GS but for the 3rd quarter I was on the side lines using Miss Leslies Iphone 4 as a timer and scorring and none of us got a goal but in the first quarter I got a goal and that was our only goal. All of a sudden Beth said that it was time and what do you know Otlands Primery School won it was 5 to 1 so we had to shake there hands and say good job…

News from 56C – Episode 5

This week’s episode of News from 56C has been produced by Jarryd and Jessica. You can find out information about our class novel, interschool sports, what we prepared in Kitchen, our class inquiry topic and what we have been learning in Maths. Kelly will even share some examples of how to convert fractions into decimals and percentages. Check out the episode below!

Maths Map: Learning Maths with Google Maps

Fly down Gwendoline Drive and count the number of bins out for collection. What percentage are recycling bins?

These are the sorts of questions we were answering in Maths this morning. No, we didn’t all suddenly get our pilot’s license! We were using Google Maps to help consolidate our understanding of fractions, decimals, percentages and worded maths problems.

This morning we had a look at a Maths Map, which is a Google Map containing a large range of maths questions. Not only did we have to work out what the question was asking us to do, but we had to use the maps to find the answer to the problem. Some of them required us to look at street maps, others satellite maps and some even fly around in Street View. Here’s an example:


All of our maths questions were on streets around our school. It really helped us to put maths into context and use it to solve real problems. Rather than just colouring in fractions on a worksheet or doing a page of sums, we had to find the information to solve the problem. We also got to have fun doing it in a creative way. Some of the reflections students made on the activity include:


There were different levels of questions to choose from, so students were able to challenge themselves with more difficult tasks. Some reflected that they didn’t feel there was enough challenges, so we shall look at extending this part of the maths map. Everyone was really excited by the task though and enjoyed it, and we can’t wait to have another go! It is amazing that the students were able to use the maths knowledge and content they learn in class and apply it to actual problems, and help see how it is useful to them.

Make sure you check out our maths map (it’s under the Games menu at the top of the blog). Some of the students extended themselves by creating their own questions which we are adding to the map. Can you think of some more questions for us to solve? Post them in a comment (without the answer) and we will add them to our map!

Producing our Weekly News Video

Tomorrow we will be producing episode five our our weekly News from 56C podcast. Our podcast started five weeks ago and is a summary of the learning that the have been doing in class. Kelly and Luke produced our first broadcast with very little instruction or teacher guidance and it has grown from there – the project has been student driven.

Last Friday, we spent some time as a class thinking about the purpose of creating the news and how we will know if we are successful when doing it. After all, to be a great learner we need to understand why each activity is important. Students individually brainstormed ideas of the learning that they thought was involved (our WALT – What we are Learning to do) in producing the news and we then put them together on the list below. What a long list!


As you can see, this task is very rich and contains a lot of learning. It is great because we are incorporating all the skills that we learn individually during our time in class. It enables us to integrate all our learning together and show off the skills that we have developed over the weeks and terms at school. Already in just four episodes we have shown that we can look at the feedback and ideas from other news episodes and build on them, as the students have been doing. Make sure you keep an eye out each week for the latest News from 56C and don’t forget to leave a comment!

CyberSafety Sessions

On Tuesday, 19th July at 7:00pm Berwick Fields will be hosting a Cybersafety Outreach-Internet Safety Awareness Presentation. This presentation is thorough and non-technical. It covers a range of issues including:

  • the ways children use the internet and emerging technologies
  • potential risks for children online, such as cyber bullying, identity theft, inappropriate contact and exposure to inappropriate content
  • tips to help children stay safe online.

This would be a fantastic session for all parents to attend, especially those of students from grades 3-6 who are exposed to social media on a daily basis.

Cybersafety Picture 1

Cybersafety Picture 2

Footy Maths – Round 6


Today we played round six of Footy Maths. There were some changes to the ladder after today’s games; have a look below to see where your team now sits.

Points W D L F A %
The 7 Chosen Ones 22 5 1 0 23 5 460.0
Random Peoplezzzzz 14 2 3 1 21 12 175.0
Malik and the Recruits 14 3 1 2 19 11 172.7
The Smiggle Team 8 2 0 4 20 33 60.6
Pink Ops 8 1 2 3 11 22 50.0
The Brainy Bunch 6 1 1 4 17 27 63.0

Next weeks games are:

The Brainy Bunch    v    The Smiggle Team
The 7 Chosen Ones    v    Pink Ops
Malik and the Recruits    v    Random Peoplezzzzz

Fractions, Decimals and Percentages

In class at the moment we have been learning about fractional and decimal numbers and being able to convert between the two (for example, understanding that 0.42 is the same as 42/100). Today we were introduced to percentages and how they link to decimal numbers.

You may like to practise the skills you have learnt in the game below. If you are unsure of what a percentage is, you can just look at the counter on the side to see what percentage you are up to.

Fielders of the Week


Congratulations to the following people who received Fielder of the Week awards at today’s assembly!

  • Malinthi for the outstanding enthusiasm you show at all times in class. I love how you look engaged, share your ideas, ask questions and always persist with tasks. Keep up the fantastic work!
  • Tai for the enthusiasm and effort you have been putting in to your learning over the past few weeks.  I have been so impressed with your fantastic attitude!
  • Ryan for being such a great mate to everyone in grade 5/6 at Berwick Fields! You sure know how to get along and 56C will miss you!