News from 56C – Episode 1

We are now at that hectic time of the year with writing reports and completing assessments and because of that, it has been more than a week since we updated our blog. This doesn’t mean we haven’t been hard at work though!

During the week Luke and Kelly have been busy investigating and preparing the first episode of our new weekly vodcast, temporarily titled ‘News from 56C’. Together they brainstormed a large list of ideas for the episode, wrote up a script and filmed it themselves. What a fantastic effort for our first ever attempt! In this week’s episode, you can find out about:

As Kelly suggested, we are looking for a name for our vodcast. Do you have any ideas? Do you have any other feedback about our first episode?

6 thoughts on “News from 56C – Episode 1

  1. As we discussed in class today, some of the positives were:
    * They told us about different events that are happening
    * Both spoke clearly
    * They introduced their crew
    * We are becoming more confident
    * It contains news and details about the week
    * It was well scripted

    Some of the opportunities for improvement include:
    * Not filming outside if it is windy
    * Have some time to practise before recording
    * Add more expression when reading

  2. Hi 56C and Mr Mills,

    Congratulations on your news vodcast! It was interesting learning some things about your school, particularly your new library. We moved into our new learning unit late last year.

    I was impressed with your scripts. The presenters obviously put a lot of work and detail in to them. It was great to see you using lots of eye contact with the camera.
    We used to put our scripts on small whiteboards with markers and hold them underneath the lense so we could look at the camera the whole time. This might be something you could try.

    I look forward to hearing what name you come up with for the news vodcast. The only suggestion I can think of for now is… ‘The Berwick Fields Report.’

    Keep up the great work.

    Mr KT and Middle K (Bellaire PS)

  3. Hi
    great job guys I like the idea of someone who makes up the story.
    I like the idea of the new exstention of the libary and I hope you enjoy making videos in the tv studio.
    I think you should use this tip for next time
    – speak more clearly
    from Zoe
    P.S. I am in middle k

  4. Hi 56C,
    My name is Richard Mason and I help the Bellaire kids and Mr KT make our What’s News in the MLU.

    First of all CONGRATULATIONS!! You made a fantastic first effort. The script was very detailed. I particularly liked the graphics that you made for the sports resutls. This was a good idea AND they looked very well made.

    At Bellaire we use a simple teleprompted that I made. There is a lot of free software available for iPads or Notebooks, just Google it and you will find some. Mr KT and I are going to make a video on how to make a teleprompter, but if you can’t wait for us, just go to YouTube and you will find some ideas there. One tip, make it lite! I used 5 mm card – remember that you have to carry it!

    When we type a script we always put the speaker’s names in brackets i.e

    (John) Hi my name is John
    (Sally) and my name is Sally, today we are ….

    Another thing to make video interesting is to change scenes a lot. The more you change what people are viewing, the more people are engaged (that’s why Hollywood shoots scenes from numerous angles)

    Anyway, great job, keep smiling, keep looking into the camera, and keep having fun!

    Best Regards,
    Richard Mason

  5. Dear MLU Teachers,

    Thanks for your comments! Thanks for the tips and name suggestions. “The Berwick Fileds Report” is a great idea. Thanks Mr. Mason for the tips

    Till next time,

  6. Hi Guys,
    Congratulations on the first BFPS TV Report! you’re now a part of history! you were well planned and spoke very clearly even when there was background noise it was still easy to understand.
    I think you could call the broadcasts “”Focus on Fields” or “BFTV News” but I’m sure you could all come up with plenty of imaginative names youselves.
    I can’t wait to see you in action in our new studio.

    Well done Kelly and Luke and everyone who put it together but didn’t get ‘on camera’.

    Mr. P

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