Interschool Sports vs Berwick Grammar

On Friday we played our first round of Interschool Sports against Berwick Grammar School. Lucky the weather held off all morning and we got to play in relatively dry conditions!

Our footy and netball teams had some success, winning their games. Soccer and T-Ball weren’t so lucky this time around, but have certainly taken back some lessons to practise. Kickball didn’t get a run against Berwick Grammar, but are looking forward to playing their first game against Brentwood Park next week.

2 thoughts on “Interschool Sports vs Berwick Grammar

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  2. @Mr Mills
    (this is for homework)

    We versed Brentwood park and team A won 10 to 8 and team B won 12 to 13 but Brentwood park still went pretty good aswell. Some of the rules were you could`nt throw the bat, no more than 1 person can be on the base at once, you have to be wearing a helmet at all times if your batting and you have to have the same amount of people on each team. Out of the whole thing i think the best part was when we won because evryone was celebrating and i`m pretty sure it was our first win.


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