kitchen writing by luke

Today in kitchen my group which was Luke, Liam, Bethany, Chevrolet and our helper Debbie made Apple Pie. First we had to collect all the ingredients from the kitchen Sultanas, Cinnamon, Butter, Apples and pastry. After collecting all the ingredients we had to mix  the Sultanas, Cinnamon and Apples all in the one bowl together. Then we had to cut circles in the pastry the trays then we had to put in other ingredients into the pastry. Then we had to cut smaller circles to put on top of the pastry with the ingredients in it. After we did all of that we had to put a bit of water on the top of then then we put some caster sugar on top of it while it was still wet from the water. Then we put into the oven and we had to wait about 40 mins for all 3 trays of apple pies to finish cooking. Once the apple pies were finished cooking we had to share then out between 35 bowl and then we put ice-cream in with the bowls then we gave everyone a bowl each to have for dessert. Everyone said it was the BEST apple pie they had ever had.20110518_kitchen 016 (Large)

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