A Fantastic Day In The Kitchen!

A Fantastic Day In The Kitchen

Our 5/6C kitchen day started as usual. Everyone piled through the door to be the first one to get an apron and stand around the bench. Today’s menu started off great. The desert of the day was going to be a yummy apple pie with ice cream! Pasta, also something on the menu, was something I was definitely looking forward to.  The Cos Cos salads main ingredients were the chick peas and tomato. The bread hopefully would turn out great. The menu was off to a great start. It sounded yummy and we were all dying to start cooking.

In the amazing group I was in there were, Zak, Jessica, Jesse,  Malinthi and I. Our helper of the day was the lovely Malinthi’s mum. The group started well with Zak and Jesse arguing as usual. All of us started off by chopping some pumpkin. The pumpkin that was going to be the main ingredient in the sauce and pasta. After the pumpkin was out of the way came the dreaded onion. It had most of us close to tears. The pumpkin and onion was the biggest part of the sauce. Next came the green leaves, paisley, chives and the unforgettable leak. The leak had us all laughing at Zak’s incredible humour. Zak had given us a dumb-struck look when we told him that leaks come from spring onions!

After all our chopping came the wet and slippery washing up. I had been put as the washer with Zak and Jesse the dryers. we started slow but then we got our grove and finished the job. For the worst part of kitchen it could be quiet fun. But then we had to clean up all the mess the water made.

After all the hard work was done we had a chance to sit down relax and eat! the Cos Cos was really nice. The chicken peas made the whole thing better. The bread was cooked perfectly. the pasta was my favourite I had 2 serves of that! The desert was really yummy! I loved how it had the ice cream on top.

My group was awesome. I really enjoy my kitchen classes. Being in the same group as Malinthi is great because I have one of my friends with me. I Really enjoy kitchen on a weekly bases. Today’s kitchen was great!

20110518_kitchen 003 (Large)20110518_kitchen 016 (Large)

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  2. With this picture I remember my college days together with my classmates in kitchen on food technology class 🙂

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