Learning Agenda: Week 3, Term 2

w3Week three is going to be a big week, especially for the grade fives who will be sitting the NAPLAN assessments this week. Some of the other things we will be doing this week include;

  • Exploring the ideas of chance and probability in Maths, including the likelihood of events happening and the ways we can record this data mathematically;
  • Continuing to learn about factors and multiplication in maths;
  • Reading more of Hatchet;
  • Learning about ‘infering’ meaning when reading, and completing some activities to help us develop these skills;
  • Examining ‘Sizzling Starts’ in writing, and practising writing our own sizzlers for narrative writing;
  • Continuing with our reading groups where we are learning about ANZAC Day, Gallipoli and the British Monarchy, while practising our reading comprehension and questioning skills;
  • Finishing our first book club on Monday;
  • For grade sixes, developing our Public Speaking skills through a special public speaking course that will run while the grade fives are doing their NAPLANs;
  • Playing our first Interschool Sports match against Berwick Primary School;
  • Wrapping up our term one ‘Identity’ inquiry topics and sharing our findings with the rest of the people in our groups;
  • Beginning our assessments for mid year reports and to help us identify what we need to focus on later in the year.

Don’t forget that tomorrow night (Monday) Kambrya will be having their open night from 6:30 – 7:30pm. If you will be attending Kambrya next year or in 2013, or are unsure of which school you will be going to, it would be great to pop along and see what the Secondary School is like. I will be heading along to check it out too.

4 thoughts on “Learning Agenda: Week 3, Term 2

  1. Hello!

    Public speaking should be fun! Good luck to the Yr 5’s with their NAPLAN assessments. 🙂 Can’t wait till interschool sport, too!
    This week WILL be a big week! At least I’ll be there everyday, unlike last week 😉


  2. @zenia

    the same we both had 3 days off last week with distric sport then netball then Grand final and i still think we haven’t won the GRAND FINAL!

  3. @Liam

    LOL, yea. Last week was a very sporty week for some of us! To make yourself believe it, just keep looking back at the medal and stuff!!! That’s what I’m doing 😉


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