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Dear Parents,

This is a copy of our class news update emailed home today. Have you been receiving these email updates? If not, I may have your email address wrong – please feel free to pop your email address into your child’s diary so that I can fix it up.

Dear 56C Community,

Welcome back to term two! I hope that you had a fantastic holiday and got to spend lots of time with your family.
We have had a big start to the term in 56C – beginning with the Fun Day with Mr Painter and Cross Country all in the first week. Certainly made those three days fly!

Last week, half our grade participated in the KEA Netball Cup at St Margaret’s School. Not bad, considering only 16 students were selected from Berwick Fields! It was our first year in the tournament, but we had great success and after 10 matches, our mixed team won the premiership on Friday. What a stellar effort. You can see Tai, Zenia, Liam and Luke with the trophy and their medallions here (http://goo.gl/pVoGV). Well done to Chevrolet, Olivia, Sarah, Amber, Malinthi and Kelly who also competed on Wednesday.

Regular news and activities from the grade is posted almost daily on our blog. Some of the highlights so far this term have included;

  • Kambrya and Berwick SC came to talk to us during the week about what it is like at secondary school, and to answer our questions. Tonight (Monday 8th) is Kambrya’s Open Night. Even if you are not attending Kambrya, it is a great opportunity to see what a secondary school is like. I will be heading along to check it out, and if you would like more info you can look here: http://goo.gl/LabTL
  • Our learning agenda for week three can be viewed here- http://goo.gl/RNw6l
  • As always, our homework for the fortnight is online: http://goo.gl/czAIw
  • The students (and some parents!) have been attempting our maths problem solving challenge; ‘Powerlines’. It has been great to see the persistence of many students with this fun challenge. Why not try it yourself? http://goo.gl/0aZLu
  • Recipes from the Kitchen on Wednesday. The students cooked up a fabulous feast and really enjoyed it. I am sure they would love the chance to cook the menu again at home for you – why not let them and have a night off! http://goo.gl/nDKi0
  • We celebrated our 5th year at Berwick Fields on the 5/5 with a whole school photo on the oval. Check it out – http://goo.gl/yqlsI

Many of the students have now become regular commenters on the blog, which is fantastic to see. There are two really great positives I see from this;

  • Firstly, the students are extending our classroom into their home. It shows that our learning doesn’t stop at 3:15, or begin at 9:00. They can access games, work and resources on here if they choose, as well as communicate with me and their classmates.
  • They get to develop their English and communicating skills while they use the blog. To comment, students need to know the writing genre, formulate a message and proofread their work. Any writing practise is good writing practise, and this is an authentic medium for them to practise with! Since we no longer write letters to each other as times have changed, it is important students have these chances to practise writing. We don’t allow SMS or ‘txt’ talk on our blog, so we are practising correct spelling and grammar all the time.

We would LOVE for you to join in our conversations as well, by posting feedback or discussion on items you see on the blog. It gives us a great sense of pride and joy to know others are interested in our learning and what is happening. Have you heard the podcasts or seen the videos we created after camp? Ask your child to show you! Maybe you have a grandparent, uncle, aunt or family friend who would also be interested in what is going on in our class and would like to comment with us.

Thanks for taking the time to read our update! If you would like any more information about anything that is happening in 56C, or would like to discuss how you child is going, please feel free to contact me at any time by email, phone, blog or popping in. I am always happy to talk about what is going on!

Have a great week!

Dale Mills

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