Learning Agenda: Week 2, Term 2


Here’s a quick summary of some of the things we will be up to in Week 2!

  • In our reading groups we will be learning about ANZAC Day, Gallipoli and the British Monarchy, while practising our reading comprehension and questioning skills.
  • In writing, we will be continuing to look at forming persuasive arguments, to help with our Moderated Writing (Thursday) and the NAPLAN for grade 5s (next Tuesday)
  • In Maths we will be looking at subtraction (Tuesday) and BODMAS and powers (Wednesday). On Thursday we will be in our maths groups.
  • On Wednesday, half the grade will be heading off to the KEA Netball Cup in Berwick. Those of us remaining will be looking at completing practise NAPLAN assessments for reading and writing.
  • As well as all our regulars including book clubs, specialists, inquiry and sports practise. What a busy week!

One thought on “Learning Agenda: Week 2, Term 2

  1. can not wait for the kia cup on Wednesday with, Zinia, Liam, tai, Luke,Chev, Amber, kelly, sarah and Malithie


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