Powerlines Game

The following game is a fun maths challenge to complete. You need to organise the numbers along the lines so that they add up to the magic number. If you reach the end, it will give you a password to unlock level two (which is here). Can you reach it? Remember, you will need to be persistent and keep trying many different options.

Post a comment and tell us how you have gone solving level one!

Interschool Sports Notices


Yesterday students took home a notice about the upcoming Winter Interschool Sports next term. We will be playing five games this season, along with the Lightning Premiership at the start of term three.

  • Friday 13th May vs Berwick Primary @ Berwick Primary
  • Friday 27th May – BYE
  • Friday 3rd June vs Brentwood Park Primary  @ Brentwood
  • Friday 10th June vs Berwick Lodge Primary @ Home
  • Friday 17th June vs Beaconhills Berwick Campus @ Beaconhills
  • Friday 24th June vs Oatlands Primary  @ Home
  • Wednesday 20th July – Lightning Premiership – All of the above schools and Maramba Primary at Beaconhills and Sweeney Reserve.

You can download the notices below.

Fielders of the Week


Congratulations to our Fielders of the Week for the past two weeks, Josh and Jessica. Liam and Luke also recieved Fielders from Mrs Laverman.

20110405_fielders 002 (Large)

  • Josh for the fantastic effort and enthusiam you have put in to learning about time over the past fortnight. It is great to see the commitment you’ve put in working towards your goal.
  • Jessica for demonstrating fantastic organisation skills in completing your homework to such a high standard every fortnight. Stellar effort!
  • Liam and Luke for demonstrating fantastic ‘getting along’ skills playing before school basketball last week.

Liams post of ski racing

Ski Racing

My uncle Rob ski races all over Australia and he races with his mates in a team called Dirty Rat.

In the holidays my family are going to see Mildura 100 its a ski race that goes for 100km.My uncle races both saturday and sunday. He races at speeds of over 8o mile/hour (approx. 160km/hr). He has just put a new motor and it is a 454 Chevy. In ski racing “its hard to stay up” my uncle said. I would love to ski but i have hurt my left knee so i can’t jump for 4 weeks.

Monday surprise!

You would have noticed something new in the school yard this morning. It is the beginning of our new library, ICT lab and television studio. I can’t wait for it to be finished!

On Friday afternoon, we set up a time lapse camera as a test to record the building being put in to place. Have a look and see what it captured! It was my first time using this technology so unfortunatley the angle isn’t great, but it was a good learning experience.

Timetable and Learning Agenda for Weeks 9 and 10

The end of term has crept right up and there is now only five days to go until the holidays. We had a busy week nine, which included:

  • Working in our targeted maths Number groups with Mrs Leslie, Mr Campbell and myself focusing on decimal numbers, BODMAS, four operations and problem solving tasks.
  • Delving deeper into our inquiry group topics, exploring the concept of identity.
  • Cooking some delicious chop suey in Kitchen.
  • Looking at writing news articles in English, including collecting facts and quotes to back up our writing and make it more believable.
  • Continuing literacy groups with 56D, where we learnt about the current crisis in Japan thanks to these two BTN stories (Japan Kids, Nuclear Power); did guided reading with Mrs Hansen and Miss Brown, revised SRA (a reading comprehension and vocabulary program) with Miss Young and Mr Mills and reflected on the Fields Frenzy.
  • Learning to write more in depth blog comments and create our own blog posts in ICT (albeit with a few technical hiccups!)
  • Beginning to post our camp recounts and vodcasts to the blog (as above, we had a few technical glitches but some are already available, including Tai’s and Amber’s).
  • Finding out about binary numbers thanks to Zenia, Kelly and Malinthi
  • And along with all our regular programs, having our school photos taken.

There are a few of us looking forward to birthdays this week and in the holidays (myself included), but what do we have to look forward to before we reach Friday?

  • The grade 5/6 teachers will be having their term two planning day tomorrow (Monday) so we will be spending the day with Mrs Simpson, exploring art (which is lucky since we don’t have it as a specialist til term two!)
  • On Tuesday we will be back in our inquiry groups delving deeper into our topics.
  • We will have a special double book club session this week on Tuesday since our regular specialist programs are not running. In the Stormbreaker group, we will be writing a ‘Reading to Learn’ piece.
  • On Wednesday, the Grade 6 students will be having a special presentation by some wheelchair basketball athletes. They will get the chance to play a game of wheelchair basketball as well!
  • We will be continuing our writing of news articles, learning to include the quotes we have collected into the text; and the correct punctuation to use with quotes.
  • Our reading comprehension will be a focus in reading groups this week, especially locating and organising information.
  • We will be helping our prep buddies on Thursday to work on a special project.
  • On Friday is our annual Easter bonnet parade.

What a big week ahead! I am sure by Friday we will all be ready for the holidays.

What are you most looking forward to about the holidays?



As a part of maths groups at the moment, we have been learning about the correct order of operations, and the BODMAS acronym. BODMAS helps us to remember the order that we need to complete an equation when it contains more than one operation. It stands for:

Brackets, then

Orders (or indices, exponents or powers)

Division, then

Multiplication, then

Addition, then


The following video shows a song we learnt to help us remember what the acronym stands for. Can you get it stuck in your head?

Puzzle of the Week: Party Time!

person question_1 party

Kelly is planning to invite 14 people to her birthday party.

She went shopping with her mother for party supplies. They went through the express check-out line because they had fewer than 15 items. Kelly and her mother bought cupcakes, plates, ice-cream sandwiches, and juice boxes. There were 3 more cupcakes than juice boxes, but the same number of packages of each.

They wanted to make sure that each person at the party got one of each item. They also wanted to have the least possible amount left over.

How many packs or boxes of each item did they buy? How many items in all did they buy?

Can you solve this puzzle? Post your answer as a comment and we will reveal them at the end of the week. 1,000,000 team points if you can work out the answer!