Liams post of ski racing

Ski Racing

My uncle Rob ski races all over Australia and he races with his mates in a team called Dirty Rat.

In the holidays my family are going to see Mildura 100 its a ski race that goes for 100km.My uncle races both saturday and sunday. He races at speeds of over 8o mile/hour (approx. 160km/hr). He has just put a new motor and it is a 454 Chevy. In ski racing “its hard to stay up” my uncle said. I would love to ski but i have hurt my left knee so i can’t jump for 4 weeks.

2 thoughts on “Liams post of ski racing

  1. Thanks for sharing this with us Liam!

    That sounds pretty impressive, and scary at the same time! Perhaps you might be able to share some photos of the event with us next term. Do you have to do any special training to become a ski racer? Have you been water skiing before?


    Mr Mills

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