Puzzle of the Week: Party Time!

person question_1 party

Kelly is planning to invite 14 people to her birthday party.

She went shopping with her mother for party supplies. They went through the express check-out line because they had fewer than 15 items. Kelly and her mother bought cupcakes, plates, ice-cream sandwiches, and juice boxes. There were 3 more cupcakes than juice boxes, but the same number of packages of each.

They wanted to make sure that each person at the party got one of each item. They also wanted to have the least possible amount left over.

How many packs or boxes of each item did they buy? How many items in all did they buy?

Can you solve this puzzle? Post your answer as a comment and we will reveal them at the end of the week. 1,000,000 team points if you can work out the answer!

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