Homework – Weeks 2 and 3, Term 2

homeworkClick on the picture to download the sheet.

Here is our homework for Weeks 2 and 3 of Term 2. All of our tasks relate to the learning we have been doing, or will be doing, in class. If you need a World Map to use for the Geography task, you can download one here or get it off me in class.


To play the Powerlines Challenge, you can click here for Level 1 or here for Level 2.

This homework is due back on Friday, 13th May. Our organisation tip for this week is to make a toolkit or collection

of belongings that you use just for homework, so you know you will always have the right materials on hand. When you finish your homework, why not score yourself on our marking rubric – it should be the same score I give you!

Back to School!

It’s almost time for the start of Term Two… only three sleeps to go! I hope that you have had a great holidays and an enjoyable Easter. Hopefully you aren’t suffering from a stomach ache like me after eating too much chocolate today.

What have you been up to during the holidays? Perhaps you could share with us below! I have enjoyed spending lots of time with my family and friends over the break. I spent the first week of the holidays helping out with a theatre production of Alice in Wonderland, which starred our very own Sarah and Caitlin. They did a fantastic job dancing throughout the show. Later in the year I will be directing a show, which I haven’t done for a few years now.

This week I have spent some time relaxing and working on what we will be doing this term. On Tuesday I met with the other 5/6 teachers to discuss some of the exciting things we have planned for this term. I have also been travelling around our state, from Point Nepean in the south to Boort in the north. I have enjoyed catching up on lots of reading over the week, including our new class novel Hatchet, which we will have a look at on Wednesday. I also saw the ‘Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Rodrick Rules’ movie at the cinemas on Thursday.


What a funny movie! I haven’t read the Wimpy Kid books before, but I think I will now. Have you seen the movie? Did you enjoy it? Maybe you saw another movie this holidays? Why not share what you thought of the movie below.

Unfortunately, I have to go and hide now as like most Port Adelaide supporters we are a bit ashamed at seeing our team lose to Gold Coast yesterday, but I shall see you on Wednesday morning, ready for Kitchen at 9am!

Camp Podcasts and Vodcasts

After returning from camp, we focused our writing attention on preparing a recount of camp that we could then record for a podcast (audio recording) or vodcast (video recording). This was our first time learning to use this technology and we struck a few problems, which provided us with new learning experiences (we can learn a lot from our mistakes!)

All of our work has now been posted to the blog, and the list below is a summary of what you can see. Click on the links to be taken to the recording or video. Enjoy!