Sarah’s Persuasive Writting Piece

Berwick Fields Primary School opened their school library in 2006. Over the years the school lirary has grown biger and bigger over the years and now planing on getting extended.  I think it is very inportent keep the school library because open as you will see below.

Firstly, I think it’s importent to have a school library because it helps you to be able to read. It  helps you to read be abl eto spell better wen you read because you get used to reading to same words over again and again. You can also get test answers or questions from the non fiction books and also the more you read the better you are when you have reading tests.

Secondly, reading   also gives you a good education because when you are studing you need to be able to read big think books for assigments. Books also help you to be able to find  information because on  the computers it’s waysting money because you need to pay for the internet and elextriset.

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