5th Birthday Frenzy!

On Friday and Saturday we celebrated our 5th Birthday Frenzy at school.

Berwick Fields has now been open for more than five years and to mark the occasion we had a day of special celebrations on Friday. We started with the whole school ‘Together we Achieve’ games in the morning, working with students from across the school in our house teams. Then in the middle of the day, we had a special birthday assembly. Our new leaders for 2011 were presented with their badges at this assembly.

Zenia, Amber, Sarah, Kelly and Deon; Team Leaders from 56C

Zenia, Amber, Sarah, Kelly and Deon; Team Leaders from 56C

Tai and Liam; Sports Leaders

Tai and Liam; Sports Leaders

Malinthi, our JSC rep

Malinthi, our JSC rep

There were also many other special performances and presentations at the assembly, which you can see from the photos below. In the afternoon, we celebrated with a fun afternoon out on the oval.

20110325_5thbirthday 008 (Large)

What did you enjoy most about our fifth birthday celebrations?

21 thoughts on “5th Birthday Frenzy!

  1. The frenzy was AWSOME and i love the butterflys that are at the front of the school abd i hope they do not get rowend by the rain and wind…


  2. Hi Everyone

    I reallylove these photos! Thanks Mr Mills for posting them. I like the one with us all at the 3-6 playground. I also like the pics of the Team Leader and thye cake looks yummy

    Regards Kelly

  3. Hi everyone,

    I’m really looking forward to this with sport leader with Brittney and Tai. THE FRENZY WAS AWESOME but i had to go play basketball at 4. I really tried!!!!!!


  4. Hi Mr Mills,
    All the photos ar e great.
    Exept the whole gread photo on the 3 – 6 playground.
    what was i doing.

    This is for homework!

    From Sarah!

  5. Hello mr mills,
    wow, the fith birthday frendzy was really fun.
    All the photos are awesome, my favourite picture is the one with everyone wearing there party hats.

    from Amber

  6. @ Mr Mills
    I loved the frenzy. Aspecially the Saturday it was so fun. But I think the assembly went a little to long. The performances on Saturday were really cool. Only because Sarah,Lara and I performed in some of them.


  7. Dear Everyone,

    This is my second comment for this post. My favourite thing about the frenzy was on Saturday, when we had the rides, food and good times. I liked the teacher dunk because we got a chance to dunk a teacher in freezing cold water! The wait for the shark slide was long! Jakob and I were standing there for ages, just talking and mucking around. the fiary floss was yummy and the crazy string was sprayed all over my back. this frenzy was a great idea. Thanks to the teachers and friend who helped with the Frenzy. The assembly was also great. but a little long


  8. @Mr Mills
    I enjoyed the perfomers because I was one of them and I really enjoyed perfoming Because it is fun to dance in front of lots of people. It is also fun because it is practice for our big concert at the end of the year.I also enjoyed the choc tops because they were delicios!

  9. @Mr Mills

    My favourite thing at the frenzy was walking around with Dalton, Josh, Tai, Luke, Triston, Dylan, my brother Jason, Mason , Ben and Tegan. My other favourite thing was getting crazy spray and spraying everyone!


  10. @ Mr Mills
    It was really terrific when Mr Wigney and ms Foster cut the 5th birthday frenzy cake. I wish that I had gone to the frenzy last saturday because it would of been great.

  11. @Mr.Mills,

    On Friday, I really enjoyed running assembly with Emily, Harry and Dylan! On Saturday, I loved all the rides, foods and stalls. Thanks for putting these photos up, good memories!


  12. @Mr Mills

    I really loved the frenzy because there was a heap of rides and we got to eat food until we where sick… I mostly loved the shark ride because when you go down it it loked like there was real teath at the bottem… The perfomences where really good because i peformed with Jessica, Melinie, Sofie and Gemma we perfomed to “Rock your body”.
    Also my brother loved the frenzy to ecsept he got a show bag and i did not get one…


  13. i didn’t like the assambly on Friday. It was toooo long. It was cool at the end of the day that we got to do stuff on the oval. Someone tell me if the frenzy on Saturday was bad or good.

  14. @Mr Mills

    The thing that I enjoyed the most was watching how the school changed of the five years it was opened fom little students and little staff to over 950 students and 95 staff it was realy interesting .
    From Bethany

  15. @Mr Mills
    I enjoyed getting my badge and watching how the school has developed a lot. It was very interesting to know how the school has changed so much over just five years.
    by Malinthi

  16. Hello everyone!!!!!!!

    I hope that you have a great time at the Frenzy! What was the rides names are?

    Everyone was sooooo happy!!!! at the Frenzy. The food was sooo tastey yes it was tastey as well i think on the FRENZY was a great time.

  17. Dear Everyone
    My favourite about the Frenzy was when the Team and Vice Captins got our badges.

    Another thing that i liked about the frenzy was when on Saturday we got to proform with dancing. i proformed in 5 dances.


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