6 thoughts on “Grade Six Jumpers

  1. Hi there everyone this is a task that has been involved in homework this week and the picher above i think looks AWSOME hope the grade 6’s love there jumpers…

  2. Hey and Hi!

    This pic looks really cool! This is also one of my homework tasks. I`m really excited to get the jumpers. I bet they look awesome.

    Bye Till Next Time!


  3. Hey again,

    I can’t wait intill we get the year 6 jumpers. When i saw the desigh I said “I think the year six jumpers are going to be awesome!” This was a homework task TOO.


  4. Hi again,
    I can’t wait until we get our grade six jumpers!
    If anyone can see my name in the picture i’ll give you 100$ Just Kidding


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