Homework – Weeks 8 and 9, Term 1

hwkw8Click on the picture to download the sheet.

Here is our homework for Weeks 8 and 9 of Term 1, a special camp edition. You will notice many of the tasks have to do with your experiences on camp. The homework is the same format as last fortnights; you need to complete two tasks from each of the rows – tasks that will extend your learning. Don’t forget that reading is also a part of your homework that needs to be completed, and should be recorded in your diary.

Your homework is due back on Friday, 1st April. Our organisation tip for this week is to use your diary and pre plan when you will do each task during the fortnight, so you don’t have to rush at the last minute. When you finish your homework, why not score yourself on our marking rubric – it should be the same score I give you!

56C have been very good at completing our homework so far this year, which is fantastic to see. Don’t forget that if you don’t submit your homework on the due date, or have not completed all the required tasks, you will need to do these during our homework makeup session of Friday afternoons. This includes our weekly reading. If you are having trouble with any of the tasks or are finding them difficult to complete in the time frame, just come and ask for help before the due date and we can work out what to do. This is an important skill to learn as we prepare for secondary school, where there will be increased expectations and workload.

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  1. This homework is very good Mr.mills i really like the way how you have given us the task of doing lots of homework.

    thanks bye

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