Our adventures on camp

It has been a busy two weeks – but I hope that your children came home just as excited about camp as they were on the trip. They had an amazing time and really demonstrated how mature and responsible they can be, all while having fun!

It is amazing the difference that those extra two days make from the 3/4 experience. It gives you time to get into a real routine, forget about sleeping somewhere foreign and really mix with those around you. It was very weird to wake up on my own on Saturday morning, rather than having 144 children to tell me all about their day.

It was great to see everyone come back in buzzing about camp on Tuesday too, obviously rested on the long weekend. What most struck me though on Tuesday morning was the way different students were interacting with each other, thanks to the new bonds and friendships formed on camp. To me, that alone makes the camp experience all worth while. I feel I know all of the students a lot better, and I think they know each other better too. Especially those outside of our classroom, which is important as we all interact with each other this year across the 5/6 team. It also was a chance to see students in a different light. I can remember teaching many of our grade sixes back when they were in grade three, and boy have they changed! And that is an extremely positive thing.

Luckily the weather held out for us and we got to experience all the great activites Cave Hill Creek had to offer. It was great to be in the outdoors, away from the city. The setting is absolutely beautiful as you can see from the pictures below and the activities really lended themselves to using this environment. Students took risks and gave all the activities a go including canoeing, abseiling, bouldering wall, bike riding and the bush walk. Their confidence spurred us teachers on to try them all too… including the abseiling. I don’t know how the kids can be so laid back about climbing down the 10m wall backwards!

Keep an eye on our blog over the next week or two as we will be publishing a range of tasks we have completed about camp. You will find a video above that I have created; but over the week you will start to see the students’ creations. We have been learning about podcasting this week to enable us to do this. When we post our work, we would love you to comment on what is written, or ask some questions to find out more information. The students get very excited when they see that their parents, brothers, sisters, aunts and uncles have read and commented on what they have published.

19 thoughts on “Our adventures on camp

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  2. Wow, the camp looked fantastic, and everyone looks so happy. Thank you for posting pictures and the video…..from a parent’s point of view, I loved it!!!!

  3. This is a great video. Thanks Mr Mills! my dad and mum loveed it and i love that we get to see all our camp photos in one place. Thanks for posting the video!

  4. @Mrs Alexander – Thanks for visiting our blog and commenting!

    @Kelly and Deon – Great to see you sharing these posts with your families. I am sure they can’t wait to see your own podcasts later in the week :).

  5. Hey, this is awesome!

    Loved the way the pictures moved from one to another! Thanks for putting the pictures up, it was much easier to explain how everything was at Cave Hill Creek with pictures.
    Good memories!

    Thank You once again,


  6. the vid is awesomeee mum and dad loved it and so did meeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Mr.Mills this awesome to see myself and all of my friends
    in these camp photos. My mum and dad loved to see these photos.This is a part of my homework !!!

  8. Hello Again!

    @Mr Mills- Thanks Mr Mills!
    I agree with Zenia, this video made it alot easyer to explian camp and the activities. i think i`ve watched this video 3 times. It`s reall great.
    I agree with Zenis again, Great memories!

    See You Soon!


  9. Hi Mills,
    Thank you very much for putting the camp vidio on our class blog. I really enjoy looking at all the fun that we had on camp.
    My mum says that we must of had a good time at camp!

    This was for homework!

    From Sarah

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