Tai’s Recount Writing

On Monday the 7th of March we got to cave hill creek in beafort. I got the top bunk of course.

On Tuesday i did the orienteering with Liam G. We did it in thirty minutes and figue the sentences. We also had bike riding, it was the best activity. I was at the back because i am one of the best riders. One person had a massive stack she was centimetres from strangling herself on the fences. Which gave us all a shock.

On Wendseday i did the bouldering wall i did the whole ting without falling off it was tricky very long and you had to wait for te next person to finish. In the afternoon i did the 10km walk to glut it was long ,tiring and at the end i was excouted.

On Thursday i did sport time but it was raining so that was no good. I also did Canoeing and Abselling. At canoeing i went with Zak,you use a ore to move the boat. At Abselling I went first it was awesome when it came to the crack.

On Friday i did the bouldering wall again i also did the bike ride at advnce level i did the track in 8-9min so did Bailey H, Jake D, Shahab F and Mr campbell.

My favourite thing was bike riding because it was awesome ,exciting and exsillarating.

Sarah’s Persuasive Writting Piece

Berwick Fields Primary School opened their school library in 2006. Over the years the school lirary has grown biger and bigger over the years and now planing on getting extended.  I think it is very inportent keep the school library because open as you will see below.

Firstly, I think it’s importent to have a school library because it helps you to be able to read. It  helps you to read be abl eto spell better wen you read because you get used to reading to same words over again and again. You can also get test answers or questions from the non fiction books and also the more you read the better you are when you have reading tests.

Secondly, reading   also gives you a good education because when you are studing you need to be able to read big think books for assigments. Books also help you to be able to find  information because on  the computers it’s waysting money because you need to pay for the internet and elextriset.

jesse’s recount

On Monday I did not go to camp so I had  line up at Miss Gibbs class. Then Miss Ferguson came and let us in to put our bags away. We had Miss Ferguson for the morning.

Miss Ferguson took us to garden to do some jobs for her. First we picked up waterbeds and put them where the teacher told us to put them Then we got a wheel barrow nd put dirt in it. When we did we drove the wheel barrow to the waterbeds and used the suvel to dig the dirt out and put  it in the waterbeds.

On Tuesday Miss Ryan came and taught us some facts about music. Then she asked questions and we had to answer the questions . After that there was a boy team and a girl team and she asked us questions and we had to click a casternet and then answer the questions. The boys team won. It was 10 to 11. The commpotition was about music and the game was interesting.

On Thursday we did sport with Mr Quirk and an other teacher. We got to choose anything from the gym that we wanted to do. I played basketball with Oshan, then I played footy with Ryan and then I got a thing like a mini skateboared with wheels and orode on it.

On Friday I skipped school to see my dad and help move in. While my mum and dad where getting some stuff I went on the computer and played games on it. After that I played a bit of basketball inside and that aws fun. Then I watched a little bit of tv.

The last thing is that I had a great week and my week was full of stuff to do every day. Out of everything skipping school so I could see my dad and help him move in was the best thing of the whole week.


On Monday we arrived a Cave Hill Creek.

We ate lunch then Tim showed us around all the different places in the camp site. once we had eaten dinner we went on a night walk. On the night walk we saw lots of animals like kangaroos and koalas.

On Tuesday we went to our first activity which was an hour fourty five minute buh walk to Glut.on the bush walk there was a big waterfall so you had to go over a log to get to the other side. During the bush walk it was tiring getting up the steep hills and going over and under the logs and trees.

After the bush walk we went conoeing then we had sport time. At about eight pm we had a trivia night there was questions from things like back to the future and cartoon shows.

On Wednesday my group went to abseiling but when i went to go on it started to rain so it was really slippery. Our second  activity for the day was archery and i most popped a balloon! Orienteering and i got nineteen out of twenty. Our last activity for the day was photo trail and with that you had to findit and answer the questions later we had a talant night and calvin won.

On Thursday our first activity was the bikes it was hard going over the the broken down trees.  We also did low ropes and that was fun because there was ten activities and three group activities and i fell off seven times! Then we went to hut building and our hut came second place our last activity was bouldering wall. After dinner we had a disco.

On Friday we had to pack up to go home but before we went home we got to pick two choice activities and i chose  bouldering wall and low ropes because they were both really fun the first time.

All together the camp was fun and i thought that the low ropes was the best. Because the activities were awesome and i want to keep doing it over and over.

Lara’s Camp Recount!

As I stepped off the bus at cave hill creek camp I was so exited as I could see every one else was to. We got into the common room witch was huge. We meet the manager Tim he told us the rules and we were set to go and get our bags and see our cabins.

!Tuesday! first day of real fun my 2 favourite activites were the bouldering wall and the bush walk to glut because I didn’t like the hut building. I liked the bouldering wall because instead of going up a wall wew went across the wall. I liked the bush walk because we got to go hiking  and walk on trees and we saw lots of water falls.

A bad night turns into a good day because we had canoeing but the only bad thing about it was my partner Bethany kept on splashing me almost every time she put her paddle into the water it was anoeing. Other wise it was really fun and one of my favourite activites on camp one of my other favourite cativites on camp was absaleing. I was the first perrson to do it in my roup. It was really fun but when you get down you think the rock but when you first see the rock you think it is humungues.

8:45 after breaky it was inspections it was the last inspection for camp cabin 2 my cabin won the inspection so we got a big prize! My favourite activite on Thursday was the bikes because it was fun to ride through the bush. The only  thing I didn’t like about it wa sthat I thought I was lost until I saw a sign that said bike track this way.It was our last activite for the day. I thought I wasn’t going to enjoy it but I did I only did 1 lap because Bethany didn’tm have a bike so someone had to swap with her so I did I don’t think Taliah didn’t want to do a second lap. Another thing I enjoyed on Thursday was the disco it was really awesome  but there was only like 6 songs it was our last night there should have been almost 50 songs it should have gone for longer!

!Friday came at last it was time to go home but not time to stop activites we got to do 2 of  our favourite activites on the last day but we weren’t alowed to do absailing or canoeing and those were the ones I wanted to do so instead I did low ropes because I also enjoyed that but I slipped into mud and I had to go and change my pants and it was time to change activites. I went to sports time but I didn’t really play games I sat in the shade and talked to the teachers.

My most memroble moment was geting 3 masages at the talent show on Wednesday night. My favourite thing on cap was bein in a cabin and tent with all my friends. I also enjoyed makeing new friends because I didn’t know some people in my cabin I made new friends with Jenifer in 5/6F, Ashley and Crystal in 5/6D!

Caitlins Camp Recount

Camp recount

I’m stepping  off the bus I’m so excited I really can’t believe I’m at Cave Hill Creek camp and there’s so many people here. It isn’t at all like what I thought it was going to be. There’s a lake. Later around three fifteen we got time to settle in and meet the manager named Tim. He’s a really nice peron. For dinner I had lasagne I don’t like lasagne but I was starving so I ate it any way.

Tuesday morning   at 7:00 am   it’s rise and shower’s so everyone pretty much had a hour before   breaky. I was group 5, the echidnas. Our first activity was bike riding. I liked bike riding  because we got to ride a mountain bike and down really steap hill so it made it really fun.

Wednesday is my favourite day of the week, but was even better on camp because we had canoeing. I liked canoeing because we got to go with the teacher and jump into the water.Wednesday night we the talent show I was in the talent show I played 2 songs wich were hot cross buns and jingle bells.  Some of the plays were really funny and got me  cracked up and laughing. Some of them wearn’t  really funny and got me board.

Thursday was fun because we got pancakes for breakfast and the echidnas had abseiling it took a while to get up the hill a few  people didn’t do it when we got to the top of the hill I  looked down and looked down again and thought if I don’t do it I might regret it so I did it and achieved it.

Friday the last day of camp finally we get to sleep in till 8:00  and breakfast at 8:30.   At 10:00 on the dot it was inspection our cabin was freaking out  but by the time it came  to inspection there was nothing on the floor and we got 10 out of 10 for every thing we were jumping up and down and screaming we were so happy . For lunch we had hot dogs i had 2 at 11:30 we departed for Berwick Fields PS. By the time we got back at bfps it was  5:00 I was so dizzy that I couldn’t walk and couldn’t see I was so happy to get back home .


Last week we headed off to cave hill creek. For five days. Once we reached the teachers started forcing us kids to keep our bags in the cabin quickly. After we had all done that we had we all got a quick tour of cave hill creek from a person named Tim. To tell you cave hill creek is in Beaufort Ballarat. So that’s how things were till the night time. What we did in the night time was go for walk around the forest to see if anybody could see any wildlife in the forest. Then we suddenly slept after that long walk.

The next day  was Tuesday. We woke up brushed our teeth and got ready for breakfast. We had pancakes and maple syrup. As we sleep and get up each day  the teachers come and insepct each cabin and tent and that’s what happened to me and my tent partner too. On the other day was Wednesday my first activity was Abseling. After completion of that activity . After completion of that activity it had started growing darker so then i slept till te morning arrived. How i got there was  by walking. And boy to tell you it seemed to be like a 2km. Once we got to our destination we were told that  everybody had to wear a helmet and a harness and only then are you allowed  to do Abseling. After all that talking  we walked up  very slippery rock. And i slippped and i sort of hurt myself  but i was still able to do Abseling . Once we reached our destination Jarryd and ryan took the challange of going down the rock first and second. After those two it was my turn to go down. It was very very very scary. I hit myself like four hundred times on the rock. So it seems may i do not want to do that again.

On Thursday i had completed another activity which was bike riding. I had enjoyed that most of all my days in camp. After that it started to grow darker  and then i slept and waited till the next day.

On Friday we had to make our cabin spotless  and to pack everything back into our bags and the teachers had to do a big n the cabins if it was spotless.

After all that we got to choose what activity we wanted to do. My favourite activites were the bike riding and the bouldering wall.   I like these activities because its things i like to do.

I really enjoyed what i did and i hope i do it again.

White Bread Dough

This is the recipe for the pizza dough we made in Kitchen last week. Why not give it a go at home this weekend and treat your family to some special home-made pizzas!

Makes the equivilent of a medium size loaf in a 700 gram tin.



  • 430 grams (3 cups) Bakers Flour
  • 2 teaspoons dry active yeast
  • 1 1/2 tsp bread improver
  • 1 1/2 tsp salt
  • 1 tsp sugar


  • 300 ml warm – hot water
  • 2 teaspoons olive oil


  1. Collect ingredients and utensils.
  2. Carefully measure the exact amounts.
  3. Combine all dry ingredients in a large bowl.
  4. Combine wet ingredients in a small bowl or jug.
  5. Stir yeast and oil mixture into dry ingredients and using a spatula. Combine to form a firm, but moist dough. Turn out onto a lightly floured surface. Knead gently until smooth (a few minutes only).
  6. Place dough in a large lightly oiled bowl. Cover with lightly oiled plastic wrap. Set aside in a warm place for 1 hour or until doubled in size.
  7. Preheat oven to 200°C/180°C fan-forced. Lightly dust a bread tin with flour and semolina
  8. Divide the dough and form into the required loaves, rolls or pizza bases.
  9. If making pizza bases roll out immediately and sprinkle with your favourite toppings.
  10. If making bread or rolls, shape, (place loaves into bread tins or rolls onto a floured tray), spray with water, or brush with glaze, sprinkle with seeds and allow to prove (rise) until double in size.
  11. Bake in a hot oven for about 15 – 30 minutes (depending on the size of the product you have made) or until golden. Note: When cooked, the base of the bread or rolls should sound hollow when tapped.
  12. Cool on a wire rack.
Image from http://www.taste.com.au/recipes/14433/pizza+dough

Blogging Info Night Postponed

Dear Parents,

Unfortunately it appears our blogging session tonight was not convenient for parents so we have decided to postpone the session until next term. We had two families RSVP for tonight, but many said they would like to see the session at a later date.

Don’t forget in the meantime you can check out what is happening in our classes online:
56C – http://56c2011.global2.vic.edu.au
56D – http://56d2011.global2.vic.edu.au

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Dale and Jackie