Sailability – Team Captains Excursion

Below is a recount ofthe team captains ‘Sailability’ excursion to Lysterfield on Wednesday, written by Britney in 56A.

Today at Sailability all of the Team Captains went to Lysterfield Lake Park in Narre Warren North. We did lots of activities and learnt lots from Captain Eric about being a fantastic leader.

My two favourite things about the day were sailing with Crystal on a purple yacht and playing the rescue game with the mats. In our yacht we went really well and we sailed quite quickly out really far. There were a few times where our boat was at a dead stop. The only not so good thing was that there were heaps of bees in the water and one came into our dingy and caused us to seriously panic. We didn’t get stuck at all which was pretty good. During the last 15 – 20 minutes Crystal and I got into the speed boat with the man everybody called ‘Bee Catcher’ because he was so good around them and whenever one flew onto people he would come and get rid of them.

Captain Eric taught us a lot about taking action as a leader and the whole day we focussed on the word ‘ASK’ standing for: A = Attitude, S = Skills, K = Knowledge. He also taught us about acting as a leader and not reacting. He had a lot of fun little games to do and some sand art.

The two funny things to me were pushing each other around on billy carts and when Crystal, Jemma and I had to go and rescue Dylan and Elijah on the speed boat because they lost control of their dinghy and it got stuck in the water reeds. They were waiting there for so long that when we finally got to them they were relaxing with their feet up on the boat.

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