Timetable and Learning Agenda for Week 4

In week four we will be continuing to explore our Crime inquiry unit. We will be using the evidence we uncovered last week and putting it together into a credible argument as to who we think the culprit is. This will also draw on the persuasive writing skills we have started to develop. The culprit will be revealed on Friday!

In Maths we are continuing our work on place value and Number, as well as starting to look at the area of Space. Space includes shapes, lines, angles and mapping. Our focus in English will continue to be persuasive writing, as well as beginning to develop deeper comprehension and questioning skills when reading.

You can read about our other regular, weekly focuses here.

Other events this week include the Student Leaders ‘Sailability’ excursion on Wednesday, and the ‘Getting Acquainted’ interviews, also Wednesday.


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