Times Tables: Space Invaders Style

Are you ready for our first round of Footy Maths and MathAttack tomorrow? Why not brush up on your times tables; Space Invaders style!

Choose which times tables you would like to practise with, and then answer all the questions before the blocks reach the bottom (if they reach the bottom, your ship is squashed and you are out!). When you complete a level, you will get access to the Space Invaders game round. Good luck, have fun! Let us know in a comment what your high score is.

This game is from the website http://www.mathematics.com.au/play.html?game=Y84ND6HH478DHBYU.

If you want to practise the other three operations, you may wish to play Thats a Fact. You can choose which operation to challenge yourself on, and the amount of time on the clock.

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