What is a conference?

This note is available in student’s diaries, and explains the purpose of our weekly conferences.

As a part of our learning structure in grade 5/6 this year, students will be taking part in a weekly conference with their homegroup teacher and a small group of peers. During this weekly session, students will reflect on their learning for the past week and receive feedback on what they have completed. They will set and revise learning goals they have made. They will also look at the following weeks classes and with guidance, select the sessions that will be most appropriate to further their learning.

Conferences will take place at a set time each week. This will allow students to be prepared for their conference, and develop time management skills. Your child’s conference time is:

At the end of each week’s conference, the homegroup teacher will collect the student’s learning journal and diary to provide feedback on their conference session and return it to the student the following day. Students will then take this home to share. Can you please help your child to ensure that they return this journal the following day, as we will be working from it on a daily basis. (For example, if your conference is Wednesday, your journal will go home Thursday and be returned Friday).

As there are conference groups every day, it will not be possible to catch up on student conferences in the event of student absence. Therefore, you may not receive the journal home in these weeks. Where possible, teachers that are absent will make alternate arrangements for students to take part in their conference for the week.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Grade 5/6 Teaching Team

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